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Illegal NoiZe breathed euphoric new life into Kevin Hill’s iconic track Dreamin’ with their experimentally progressive remix

After being blown away by Illegal NoiZe’s original tracks, we were stoked to hear he had given Kevin Hill’s transfixing hit Dreamin’ the Illegal NoiZe remix treatment.

We’d become accustomed to hearing big bass-driven hits from Illegal NoiZe such as their unforgettably dark EDM Hip Hop tracks Keep It Trill & I Like to Daft. We weren’t prepared for their hazy sweet remix of Dreamin’. But we loved the dreamy ambient side of the producer’s talent as much as we dug his ominously arrestive tracks.

Not only were lashings of Euphoria added to the mix, but each progression in the artist’s playfully teasing rework will draw you deeper into the rhythmically hypnotic soundscape even though you’ll never find a complacent moment in the 5:56-minute duration.

In 2014, Illegal NoiZe (formerly DJZ) was wiped off the internet by Sony/UMG. Now he’s back carrying his supposed copyright criminality as an ingenious artist title. Help put his new name on the map, but his beats on blast.

You can check out Illegal NoiZe’s remix of Dreamin’ via Spotify. Make sure to also check out their original tracks.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast