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Who Are You: London-based singer Edja is quite stupendous on new single ‘The Morning After’

Bringing us her third single which is a projection of the future, Edja returns with a story about how you thought the night was gold, however when you wake up you feel like the glow has faded on ‘The Morning After‘.

Edja is a highly talented London, UK-based indie rock singer-songwriter, make-up fan and makes that engrossing sound yet again with the tremendous Italian guitarist Luca Chessa.

The delightfully deep soundscape is such an eye-opener to a strange world where things happen so quickly, as feelings are unfairly forgotten with a quick swipe of the finger. You feel the passion here as she looks for something much more, with the classic rock atmosphere making you feel like you are in a movie.

Her vocals are truly mesmerizing and you get so lost inside her story, she sings with such desire and heartfelt introspection to what love is supposed to be about, in this selfish world that can be so harsh when all you want is something special.

The Morning After‘ from London rock artist Edja, is a true look inside your mind to working out who you are as a person, and what you really want deep inside your soul. Learning from experiences is the only way to truly grow after all, in this complex and over-complicated world.

Stream this top rock track on Soundcloud and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You are good enough: Edja shows us the way to fulfilling your dreams on electrifying second single ‘Song For Who’ve Been There’

After blessing us last month with her lovely debut ‘Happy‘ that gets the feet tapping with confidence, the lovable Edja returns to shower us with an inspiring message to us all, on the call to follow your inner desires on ‘Song For Who’ve Been There‘.

Edja is a galvanizing Italy-born, London, England-based indie-rock singer-songwriter, who performs with an old school energy that has you looking deeper within yourself, she had her doubts before but forged through the whispers in her mind to now do what she loves. Playing music is what she truly adores and sings to help others that are stuck in the quicksand of their own minds, needing a caring hand to rise up and never go back to that scary place again.

This is the story of breaking down your self-imposed limits and re-training your curious brain to believe in yourself so you can take that first step forward, building momentum the further you go. With so many of us behind the curtains at home, the need for an encouraging message like this, has never been more important in our lifetime.

The stirring song shocks you into action at first, Luca Chessa’s guitar and powerful production fires into action like a speeding train that meshes so well with Edja’s stunning vocals. You are sitting in your seat and feel her fire inside that gives you chills all over your body.

Song For Who’ve Been There‘ from London indie rocker Edja, brings you to a place in your mind that has you thinking through the walls and instead of letting them hold you inside, you find the urge to break them down and doing what you know you are actually capable of.

Her message is so real and needs to be heard far and wide, as if you regret never taking that shot when you know you could of scored the winner, will haunt you forever. After all, if you love something enough, why not try it out and see what happens. You just never know.

Hear this epic single full of stirring beauty on Spotify and see more of her uplifting life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

edja’s debut single makes us all very ‘happy’ indeed

26-year-old singer-songwriter edja’s self-released debut debut single ‘Happy’ (released 3rd January) is a crashing, contemporary upbeat rock track taking the pain and destruction of a relationship breakdown and turning it around, highlighting the strength and growth which comes with change and personal resilience.

The track perfectly showcases edja’s voice, marrying her vocal delivery and excellent lyrical storytelling to the excellent guitar and piano work of collaborator (and fellow Italian) Luca Chessa, who arranged, mixed, and mastered the track along with edja.

It’s a great debut single, upbeat, catchy, and modern, reminiscent of The Cardigans, maybe a touch of Texas in the arrangement, or the Cranberries, edja’s vocal powerful and distinctive over the chugging guitar and thundering drums. ‘Happy’ really does bode well for edja for 2021.

You can follow edja on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes