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Someone Screaming: Samuel Nicholson drops incredibly emotional West Coast Feeling

With intense vocals which will probably put many into a whole different mood, Samuel Nicholson shows us what true emotion sounds like on West Coast Feeling.

Samuel Nicholson is an Edinburgh, Scotland-based autistic indie rock frontman, musician, and composer who makes superb songs which are rich in warm melodies.

Set alight by Motown records in the car with his mother, corrupted by hard rock records handed down by his father and formed by his own journeys into Jazz, Folk & Experimental Music of decades past, he is a cathartic songwriter, an impassioned singer and a gifted guitarist.” ~ Samuel Nicholson

Searing in stunning quality and brimming with raw excellence, Samuel Nicholson is one of those rare underground musicians who have the ability to change moods with an ear-shifting-like class. This is brilliant stuff and is stuffed with a shimmering glow of day-changing radiance no one can possibly dislike.

West Coast Feeling from Edinburgh, Scotland-based rock artist Samuel Nicholson is a rather special experience which will summon many sentiments right out from the basement. He sings with so much passion and delves deep into our souls, to take us into a tear-filled world which might stun many back into place.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Peaks and Valleys Interview: Staying authentic despite the noise

Thrilling us with an interview packed with festival hopes, their new release How Far We Fell and showing gratitude, UK band Peaks and Valleys guides into their fascinating lives.

Hello there Peaks & Valleys. Thank you for sitting down with us. Where in the world can we find you today and what is your normal breakfast to get each day started?
Hello! Thanks for having us. Today, you can find us in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although, we tend to jump around quite a lot. Sometimes, we randomly go to Paris. Sometimes, we celebrate Midsommar with hedgehogs in Sweden. Sometimes, it’s hard to even get out of bed.

“Speaking of getting out of bed, what is your normal breakfast, Cammy?”
Meet Cammy. He plays acoustic guitar, sings, and cooks a mean bolognese.
Cammy: “Coffee and cigarettes.”
Meet Sylvie. She plays violin, steals flowers, and hangs out in train stations even when she’s not going anywhere.
Sylvie: “I don’t usually wake up in time for breakfast but when I do I eat whatever I feel like, or more realistically, whatever I can find in my fridge.”
Meet Kelly. She plays piano, harmonizes with car alarms, and, in her free time, plays catch with her inner demons.
Kelly: “I put this awful green powder into my smoothie and hope for the best.”

Please tell us more about your exciting new release?
Kelly: “How Far We Fell is a four song EP available on all streaming platforms now. We’ve put our hearts and souls into these songs, and I know everyone says that, but like, we really have. These songs stemmed from close proximity and Mexican food nights, impromptu songwriting sessions in graveyards, soggy BBQs, and dissonant daydreams hastily jotted amongst phone note grocery lists and IOUs.”

What are your goals for 2023?
Cammy: “My goal for 2023 is to keep living like I might get hit by a bus at some point. Helps me to enjoy everything that’s going on right now.”

Kelly: “In addition to Cammy not getting hit by a bus, I would say our biggest band goal is to record a full-length album. With over an album’s worth of original songs, we’re a bit backlogged having written so much music during the pandemic. Other 2023 goals include: building our fanbase, getting signed or represented, and really just performing as much as humanly possible.”

Sylvie: “I’d add that we are really hoping to find (or create!) our musical ‘home’– we feel we have not yet played at the ideal venue for our music and we want to keep honing in on what that is and where we can find it. We have recently talked about planning our own intimate gigs in venues conducive to truly listening and connecting, and bringing in like-minded artists.”

Where did the band meet, and how did everything start?
Cammy: “Kelly and I met busking in a tunnel that never used to smell like pee, but now it often does. The good old days.”

Kelly: “It’s such a shame because it’s such a magical tunnel. But yeah, I was on holiday in Scotland and heard him singing in said pee tunnel, and I asked if we could sing together. Afterwards, I had this strange premonition that we were meant to be in a band together, so I told him as much. Fast forward a few months, I’m back in Scotland again, I meet Sylvie playing a gig in the basement of a pub, a few weeks later COVID hits, now I’m stuck in Scotland, and Cammy, who was in France at the time, gets sent back to Scotland. So now, during the UK lockdown, we all join forces and inadvertently create a band. We started out by sending each other sound clips and ideas remotely, and started rehearsing in person as soon as we could.”

Sylvie: “After we met at one of the last live gigs before lockdown, Kelly asked me if I wanted to come up with a violin part for a song she and Cammy had written. I was immediately drawn to these people who didn’t see a global pandemic as a reason not to start a band. I think a big reason the band worked right away was our shared love of not only getting around difficulties that others might see as obstacles, but actually using them to our advantage. That beginning impetus continues to drive so many of our adventures, like the soggy BBQ mentioned earlier. We decided to go ahead and have a 4th of July barbecue even though the forecast said torrential rain– that day ended with hot dogs sticking out of Cammy’s pockets and a new song.”

Pros and cons of being a musician?
Cammy: “The upside of being a musician is giving ourselves a place where we can invent something. The downside is trying to figure out how to make the noise.”

Sylvie: “When someone comes up to us and says they were having a hard day and our music gave them a lift, or gave meaning and dignity to their sadness, that’s when I’m most grateful to be a musician. We do important work in realms where words can’t reach. As for cons– every performance could have been better.”

Kelly: “One pro of being a musician is getting paid in drinks & tipped in loaves of bread while busking. A match made in heaven really. A con would be coming up with a band name we all like. Maybe we should change our name to ‘Pros & Cons.’ What do you think guys?”

I love how you all enjoy blending genres. Do you feel more free to create whatever you feel like?
Cammy: “I’d say we feel as free as we feel like depending on the day. We’re always boxed in in some way or another. Just on good days we notice it a lot less.”

Sylvie: “Our genre-blending is very exciting for me as a violinist with a classical background– I never realized how much freedom was possible, and all without renouncing my origins. To really access that freedom I sometimes think it’s best to not even think about genre– as a wise homeless man once told me in a dark alley in Lisbon, ‘music is music.’”

Last, where can we find you all live next or do you have tours planned for the new year?
Kelly: “Having just had our EP release in Glasgow, we are taking a bit of a break for Christmas and New Years. But keep an eye on our socials (@peaksvalleysband) for gigs if you are local to Edinburgh or Glasgow. We are also submitting to a bunch of festivals for 2023, so we will be posting about that as well as soon as we hear back.”

Listen up on Spotify. See more news on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Life is better with the right mindset: Scottish DJ Cherry Joy drops an absolute dance gem on ‘Let It Go’

Cherry Joy is ready for whatever comes her way on the bass heavy gem via dance/edm track called  ‘Let It Go‘.

Cherry Joy is a supremely talented and self-motivated female singer-songwriter and radio DJ based in Edinburgh, Scotland. After dealing with being made redundant due to this horrific pandemic recently, she is a role model to us all by pushing hard to find new work, while also putting in 100% to get her long-awaited music career off the ground.

This is what she absolutely loves and feels this deep inside her soul. After studying music after school, she got into the normal work way of life and left music behind until 2018. Then, deep inside she felt the urge to get back into it and slowly but surely, the hunger and fire has built up to a stage where it feels like she truly believes in herself and this is her time.

Her stunning vocals grab your heart and take you for an exuberant ride. The real lyrics are a pleasure to hear as this is authentic dance music that is so rare in this genre. The obvious honesty and consistently excellent beat gets you into a happy but thoughtful groove; as you turn your lights off and all self-doubt away from anywhere close to you.

There is so much to love here and when clubs and festivals come back from the darkness, they need to book a DJ of this calibre to kick the crowd up to top gear and get them dancing all night to this.

Life is about just going for it and not worrying about material things. Scottish DJ/singer-songwriter Cherry Joy shows so much self-awareness on the top quality ‘Let It Go‘ and you can see why this is her favourite release so far.

The scary part is that she is only getting warmed up. This outstanding musician has the inner motivation and nothing can stop her doing what she loves.

Hear this top dance track that will uplift you on Spotify and see her incredible journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Searching for your freedom: Augustus Breeze and Sophie Penman are excellent on ‘Dreaming’

Taken off the new two-track EP ‘Ex Nihilo‘, Augustus Breeze and Sophie Penman combine their electrifying chemistry to wonderfully satisfying results on ‘Dreaming‘.

Sophie Penman is a soulfully sweet singer-songwriter based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is joined on this stunning single by Kamran Afshar aka Augustus Breeze– who is a fellow Edinburgh-based music producer. Together they form a fantastic duo who have recently been awarded the prestigious ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Introducing Scotland.

This is the splendidly explained story of how some people just don’t make sense when you try and work them out. They are leaving now and you know that you need to move to be truly happy and free yourself. Life comes at you with detours sometimes and you need to be fleet-footed and stay in your own lane, until they want to drive with you again.

Their combination of alluring RnB and soulful Jazz breezes mistily through your curious speakers to catch your sense’s attention, as you breathe in that heartfelt sound that your body has missed.

Her elegant style is matched by a sultry voice that makes your head and neck shake in agreement that is that genuine sound of an underground music goddess. The way she controls her tone is masterful and the groovy bass meshed marvelously with the pure production- puts your mind into a sonic sphere that gives your soul a massive hug.

Dreaming‘ from Edinburgh duo Augustus Breeze and Sophie Penman is an excellent single that features so much real soul and stunning vocals, with classy production that will put you in a peaceful but thoughtful mindset.

Support these quality unsigned artists via Spotify and see more on IG.

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Scottish singer Alicia-Deanna is in incredible form on ‘Lessened By Love’

Alicia-Deanna is a talented 22 year old singer-songwriter, producer and creative based in Edinburgh. She breathes beauty into 2020 with the self-aware single ‘Lessened By Love‘.

You miss that special person in your life and you only have eyes for them. Right now, things are not as they should be and it consumes your mind. You wish you hadn’t let them go but that is what happened and now you need to heal. Or can you be together again after some time apart?

Alicia has already featured at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, BBC and Glasgow Roots Review. With more big things on the way in 2021, we are witnessing an artist going places.

Lessened By Love‘ from indie folk singer Alicia-Deanna is a somber tale of not wanting to lose that special touch with that person you really feel you should be with. The Channel Islands native sings with such authenticity and she is in fine form here. Her voice makes you listen intently without being pushy, your mind takes you to a previous experience like this story and wonder what could of happened.

Alicia-Deanna shines brightly like a shooting star on Lessened By Love‘ and this is a pleasure to listen to. A big future awaits.

Stream here on Soundcloud.

Click here for the Facebook music page.

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The Last Days of Pompeii take us back in time with groovy lovers anthem ‘’Make Me Believe’’

What happened to the human touch, nobody writes you a letter?

‘The Last Days of Pompeii’ is the creation of Edinburgh, UK local- the awesome Ru Stewart. Drawing on inspiration from the 1980’s groove pioneers you get that sexy & fun Boogie, Disco and House mix all rolled into one from this music with soul. With loops, synths and live drums; there is a lot to like here. I was jiving along here with a huge smile. This is pure happy music.

I really enjoyed this song and wish I could find out who the vocalist was. Her voice is so smooth and really added a wonderful vibe to the top production from Ru. Let’s hope for more incredibly groovy music and I’ll get some roller skates in the meantime. In fact, I should learn how to actually not fall first as it will be fast paced when watching this act live soon.

Get in the right vibe with this awesome artists SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tom Oliver – Photogenic: Adolescent Indie Undertones

Some people say that real music is dying out, that we’re headed for a future in the absence of dulcet angsty undertones from guitar wielding musicians. Yet the Scottish solo artist Tom Oliver proves that his genre has a lot more to offer with his debut single Photogenic.

His debut 4 track EP is days away from public release, and I’m well and truly caught up in the hype.

His pre-release single Photogenic reverberates with nostalgic jingles accompanied by his raw, unpolished vocals which are not too dissimilar from acts such as The Arctic Monkeys & other of the UK’s indie greats. His EP titled ‘If I Sugar Coat It Enough, You Might Just Like It’, is carefully tuned as he follows a swift progression through the chords ending the track with a riff that celebrates his natural rhythmic ability. His almost nasal voice has a charming allure when matched against the resonant lyrics in which he reaches out to a complacent audience. The track stumbles through his innocent revelry which should see him quickly gain notoriety with the self-proclaimed fluorescent adolescents.

Head on over to his website to check out his single Photogenic now:

Last Wild Lion – Seasons: Alternative Sound Fit For The Mainstream

Last Wild Lion are an Alternative Rock collective of five respectably talented musicians hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. The spotlight undeniably goes to Sarah Monteath for her sweet orchestral lyrics which she throws into a mix of muted instrumentals with a downtempo styling and compelling immersive breakdown leading to stylish build ups. Sarah’s talents don’t end with her vocal ability, the multi instrumentalist also throws in her talents on the violin and keys into the mix to create a dreamy Pop Rock Sound.

The bands sound is simply out of this world, they’ve created an Alternative sound that wouldn’t sound out of place on any mainstream radio station. The talented collective have blended their passion of 90’s emo music. Taking inspiration from Jimmy Eat World, Cross My Heart and Penfold, the band create a pensive sound of authoritative conviction.

Last Wild Lion have just brought out their new Double A Side which is an evocative exploration of human emotion that’s bound to take you on an emotional rollercoaster as the tracks progress from minimalism into raucous soundwaves of chaos. The tracks treat you with a taste of melancholic nostalgia with an ironically haunting Scottish sound.

Check out the bands new debut hit on SoundCloud now!

Invisible Dears Release Psychedelic Folk Track ‘If You Can’

Under the title of Invisible Dears, Thomas Baud mixes a strange and heady brew. It is part post-folk, part neo-psychedelic, part retro and nostalgic, part futuristic and forward looking, part dream like and part driving and anyone who can do all of that in just one song is someone who you really need to get to know better. If Syd Barrett’s story had been a less tragic one and he had carried on making music, this is the sort of sound I imagine he would have gathered around him.

But whereas Barrett would have arrived at his musical destination through a series of random accidents or via belligerent non-conformity, Baud’s approach seems much more deliberate, intricately planned, deftly crafted and purposeful. Barrett would have sprung his version on you as a joke, which only he was on the inside of, Baud, delivers his with not only fine precision but also a knowing wink. If one song can cover so much ground imagine how great a full Invisible Dears album is going to be.

Mt Doubt release new single ‘A Natural Swimmer’

My favourite music is often the music that confuses and confounds me, music so texturally layered and so intricately woven that each listen unlocks new sounds, delivers new delights and offers previously unnoticed cleverness. On that basis Mt. Doubt and me are destined to spend a lot more time in each other’s company. Melodic but in a drifting rather than a structured way, rising from whispers but growing more through intensity rather than volume as it towards its destination, it melds pop charm onto strange, post-rock musical form.  A Natural Swimmer does nothing that you expect it too and for that I love it.

Some bands build songs from simple yet confident lines but Mt Doubt are more about crafting layer upon layer of gossamer thin washes, each adding subtle musical colours and it is only when viewed from a distance, possibly from the height advantage of a stack of My Bloody Valentine albums that you appreciate the shimmering hues and kaleidoscopic nature of the song.

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Words: Dave Franklin