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US Alt Rock band ‘Eden Bliss’ bring out disturbingly sad but true ‘’Loaded’’

Sometimes important topics are swept under the rug so it’s vital to be honest about them and deal with it. ‘Eden Bless’ from the USA grunge it all the way with their latest single that is very sad but all too true these days. Suicide is such a common occurance these days and its very sad to see. 

Being there for our friends and family is very important and we also need to offer honest advice but also look for the best timing. Otherwise things can spill over very quickly. ‘Eden Bliss’ Alt rock it deep on this joint.

This is an Alt Rock track with a solid sound with some fantastic guitar work from the band. This is a very sad song but well executed with passion and meaning. This is clearly a release  that means a lot to the guys and we should admire them for playing it for our ears and trying to make a difference by talking about the issues.

Produced by ‘ERLAX’, ‘Eden Bliss’ are always bringing out different styles with Rock, R&B and Hip Hop also a big part of their toolset. Always creative, I like how they change it up and keep their fans guessing to see what is next. Evolving in this fast paced music game is vital and long may they keep this variety going strong, keeping busy always helps with the mind and not overthinking it too much.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen