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Stitcher Unchained a Relentless Sonic Onslaught with ‘Distant Mirage’

Stitcher opened a mystical portal to the unfiltered soul of rock n roll with their sophomore single, Distant Mirage, which rhythmically taps into Eastern esoterism to add an arcane Arabian aura to the speaker-ravaging hit lures you in with a dusky overture before the hellbent-for-distortion guitars bolster the track beneath Annabelle Piper’s siren-esque soaring-with-soul vox.

Her ferociously infallible vocal lines that burn red-hot throughout the release are enough to lead you to believe that the spirit of Medusa resides in her vocal cords. The monolithic middle eight allows you to tear away from her spell, but you won’t meet any mercy here, the alchemic brutality of the guitar solo hits hard enough to leave bruises. If you thought you knew the meaning of frenetic before listening to Distant Mirage, you’ll think again once your senses begin to function after the exhilarating rampage.

Distant Mirage first played on June 6th; stream the single on Spotify and follow Stitcher’s debauched rock n roll journey on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shashaa Tirupati & Elephant Gym orchestrated an Eastern art-rock masterpiece with Jhalleyaa

With almost 8 million monthly listeners and endless internationally revered accolades behind her, the Indo-Canadian singer-songwriter and music producer Shashaa Tirupati is one of the biggest artists of this era; her recent collaboration with Elephant Gym on ‘Jhalleyaa’ is set to cement her legacy into the world music arena.

The richly vibrant instrumental arrangement evolves from a soulfully quiescent score of pure artful beguile into an Eastern rock earworm with ever-ascending rhythmics. It is effortless for your rhythmic pulses to get in sync with the sublime sonics delivered by Shashaa Tirupati and Elephant Gym who conjured alchemy while aurally exploring unchartered ground. The celestial timbre of Shashaa Tirupati’s signature Bollywood-esque vocals against the progressively intricate instrumentals is a one-way ticket to transcendence.

Jhalleyaa was officially released on November 3rd; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast