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Meet the 21st-century’s smoothest operator in Alan Dreezer’s latest 80s electro-pop single, BUTTERFLY

Picking up where George Michael left off, Alan Dreezer’s smooth 80s RnB pop hit, BUTTERFLY, is a sensuously aphrodisiacal proclamation of lust that takes no prisoners when pulling you into the intensity of the passion.

Between the layers of lush reverb, the funk-soaked basslines roll around the choppy guitars under Alan Dreezer’s vocal timbre that will teach you the meaning of affection as the soul effortlessly drips.

BUTTERFLY is the first single to hit the airwaves from the East Sussex electro-pop singer-songwriter’s third album, Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes. On the basis of the single alone, there will be no getting in the way of Alan Dreezer’s domination of the airwaves.

BUTTERFLY is due for official release on September 22nd. Check it out for yourselves on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast