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Tracy Inman on A&R Factory: It’s About Time

Talking to us about ghosts, It’s About Time and his whole life in a small town with so much love, Tracy Inman kindly tells us about his exciting life as a Paranormal Investigator and shall inspire many to follow their dreams. This is an interview to remember fondly.

Thank you for joining us today Tracy. Let’s start off here. What was it like growing up in East Alton, Illinois and what do you love most about your hometown? Why have you chosen to stay all these years?
The area I have been in most of my life is in the metro St. Louis area. It’s a small town vibe, but not far from the big city.  I have lots of fond memories of growing up with a tight knit family and friends and community. I have stayed in this area to be closer to my family and friends.
It’s About Time is your new 10-track release and we really enjoyed listening to your creation. What was the main inspiration behind it and who have you made it for? 
The title says it all.  I’ve been writing for many years.  This is a collaboration of songs that I wrote when I was younger and what I am writing now. Facebook was not around when I first started writing so the ON FACEBOOK song was written about 2 years ago.  But the song Daddy’s Girl and Guess What were written about 20 years ago when my children were younger.  I wrote the song Dad when my father was in the hospital. The only song i did not write on this album is Old School.  That song was released by John Conlee back in the 1980s and I always thought it was a very underrated song.  I challenge everyone to listen to that song and listen to the lyrics.  Great song!
You stated that Daddy’s Girl has been played as the father/daughter dance at many wedding receptions. Does this make you happy and proud?
Yes. I have 2 daughters and a son. It was played for my oldest daughters father/daughter dance and I was extremely proud to be dancing with her to it.  I will do the same with my other daughter when she gets married.  I was sent a video a few months ago of another father dancing with his daughter to it at their reception and I couldn’t believe I had made an impact on their wedding.  It truly is a great feeling.
How did you first get into music and what/who has helped you in your journey? What have been the fun moments and what challenges have you overcome?
I’ve always loved singing. ever sinced I can remember, I was singing. My brother Chris is the same way.  He is a talented singer as well. But I took a different route than most. I fell off course from my music after high school.  I started a family, went to work, etc.  I always kept writing, but didn’t really do anything with it. Over the past couple of years I realized I needed to get this stuff out there.  With encouragement from my wife and kids, I decided to reach out to a record company to start the path forward.  I contacted a company in Nashville, Tn, AOK Records and we put the songs together.  Adam Knight is a great person to work with.  I recommend his services to anyone.  The funnest moment for me was recording.  Standing behind that microphone belting out these tunes came out naturally for me and I really enjoyed the experience.
Do you love making country music? What does it mean to be an artist in this genre?
Yes.  I love writing. If my songs dont make it with me singing them, I’m content with that. Hopefully someone out there might want to record them as well.  As far as being an artist in country music now-a-days, I’m in the minority.  An older artist trying to get his music heard. I started this process with making music so my great-great grandchildren could hear after I’m long gone. A legacy so-to-speak.  But, Adam realized the need to start sending these songs out there to get real airtime on radio and plays on streaming, so we went that route as well.  This process has already surpassed all my expectations. Knowing that people are listenting to my songs is the greatest feeling in the world. I am genuinely honest about that. And I am here for any fans.  Please reach out with any questions for me.
We’re fascinated that you’re a Paranormal Investigator. Have you ever been blown away by something/someone you’ve found?
I co-own a FREE social media platform called It’s a Facebook for the paranormal community. I am also a co-founder of T.H.A.T. Paranormal group.  And I run a podcast on Weds evenings called Paranormal Plus with Grizzy Chris and Tracy Inman.  With T.H.A.T., we did a hunt in Ashmore Estates near Charleston Illinois and we set up a tricycle on an upper floor by itself on level concrete.  We watched it for over 20 minutes, nothing. As we walked out, we caught it rolling backwards on film. It can be found on in the evidence section. Pretty cool  What does the job entail and is it an exciting experience each day? We do this once a month.  I have friends in the field that do it everyday basically.  But with everything going on in my life, I can’t fit it in as much as I should. takes up a lot of time to run.  Are ghosts real? Everyone has differing opinions about this. I have seen a few things that are unexplainable. The tricycle for instance. I started off as a skeptic, but after seeing a few things, I believe there is something out there. I compare a ghost hunt to a guided fishing expedition, there might be plenty of fish at the location or none at all.  We have so many questions. Feel free to reach out with any other questions concerning this.
Lastly, do you have any funny/amusing gig stories you can share with us? Perhaps a fan interaction or something that makes you laugh, showing us that the music industry can always spring surprises and fond memories?
I have played in various bands over the past few years and some talented musicians. Not too many stories. Just seeing the smiles and enjoyment of the crowd seeing along is a great feeling for me. I look forward to what the future holds. I am very sincere when I say “thank you to everyone for supporting me”. No matter what happens with my songs, just knowing it brought entertainment to others is better than any amount of money I could get.  Thanks Tracy Inman

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