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Check out Brent Brown’s Track ‘Easily’

Brent Brown is the perfect storm of references and styles and Easily is the perfect showcase for this intricate musical weave. The song is infectious but not all together pop, builds towards a rock destination but avoids all the clichés, has folk earnestness without the rigid adherence to generic rules and threads some bluesy guitar work through the song without ever evoking the loaded sentiments which normally come as part of that package.

He joins dots between the classic guitar-slingers of the past with the resurgent singer-songwriter ethic of today, juggling a jaunty vibe and an inherent soulfulness along the way. And if his songs feel like you have heard them before that is just a testament to the iconic template that sits below his music. New and forward thinking tunes which sound like you have been dancing to them all your life. How cool is that?