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Keeping it real: Swedish Pop Rockers Ghost Nation send the rubbish back to sender on ‘Blow My Mind’

The earsplitting start from Stockholm, Sweden Pop-Rock band Ghost Nation on ‘Blow My Mind‘ might just perforate your eager eardrums.

Deafening electric guitar bluster and power screams through the unwavering speakers that feel the pressure mightily as the shake from the pure booming vocals, true story and excellent background that feels like a 5 piece band at least. The exuberant duo stir up a real meal for the soul here and this is such a welcome listen.

The story about being told things that you believe at first but after further inspection, you turn to the lieutenant in your brain and they tell you to call no on this once exciting journey; that has reached the end of the tracks. The energy force field is broken here as they have thrown away the trust that you once had. When someone shows you their true colors, its very hard to forget that moment as you lose all respect for them them, no matter what happened before.

Swedish duo Ghost Nation¬†are quite electric on ‘Blow My Mind‘ as they up the standard of Rock songs that has a Pop sprinkle into the shaker too for us to consume. The quality act have such incredible success before and for a band so young, they are certainly an outfit you want to see do well as you don’t hear class like this too often these days.

A story about how some people feed you nonsense in your ear is so valid and the message to ignore it is so valuable. In a world full of quick messaging and an almost crazy reaction mentality that does nothing to educate our youth. This is a top effort from a band that show such special self-awareness.

Stream this stomp classic via Soundcloud and see the Swedish sizzlers on their IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen