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A Nostalgic Place: Freiburg’s ea Collective transmits us into a new world with ‘Tardigrada’

Rust Bear by ea Collective

Bringing the world a track that urges us all to free our contaminated minds and take an expedition into another planet for a few minutes, ea Collective sends us a reminder of the brilliance of his 4-track EP ‘Rust Bear‘, with his mesmerizing new single that shall put you into a welcome trance on ‘Tardigrada‘.

ea Collective is a fascinating Oliver Kern-created Freiburg, Germany-based alternative act that somehow fuses in krautrock, psychedelic, and an experimental ambient post-rock sound for our frolicking hearts to be totally encapsulated by.

Merging in different guest musicians each time, this is a conceptual idea that is well-constructed and expertly delivered with such skilful aplomb by ea Collective. It feels like you are witnessing something so uniquely fresh, in a sadly polluted world that seems to unknowingly gravitate towards the copy and paste that only serves to fill you up with littered waste.

Tardigrada‘ from the 44-year-old Freiburg, Germany-based alternative artist Oliver Kern aka ea Collective, is an instrumental track that seems to gain different layers of beauty through this whole experience. Your toes will be tapping as your spirit feels so replenished, from listening to an intricate track that needs to be in a Hollywood movie. You can feel the many hours of sweat and tears endured inside this invention by a true perfectionist, who wants each second to be something you remember eternally.

This is a special song indeed, that is deep in a substance that the whole family may enjoy naturally.

Hear this new gem on Bandcamp and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen