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E.G. Phillips

E.G. Phillips has released his riotously infectious Timelord-inspired jazz single, Brave Heart, Luna

E.G. Phillips

We couldn’t get E.G. Phillips’ Doctor Who-inspired jazzy folky big band single in our ears fast enough. Brave Heart, Luna took inspiration from the reassurances made by the 5th doctor to his companion in times of intergalactic strife. Yet the single itself was written to quell fears of a friend; we can only imagine how gratified she was to inspire such a triumphant affirmation of her resilience.

Brave Heart, Luna obliterates the notion that only weak minds suffer by celebrating the strength of those battle-scarred by adversity while the vibrantly almost riotous progressions get the dopamine flowing.

If anyone could give Jason Webley’s rampant imagination a run for its money, it is E.G. Phillips.

You can check out Brave Heart, Luna for yourselves by heading over to E.G. Phillips’ official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast