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ADDIO looks above for some guidance on DWELLING

Trying to find some meaning in a rather odd world filled to the brim with fake actors, ADDIO shows us the meaning of taking time out to replenish those energies for further battles ahead on DWELLING.

ADDIO is a Los Angeles, California-based indie singer-songwriter who makes that emotional anthem your heart can ever completely forget.

“Addio creates beautiful human music for humans. Addio enjoys humans and wishes to be closer to them through music. Therefore, Addio demands you listen to Addio’s beautiful music. Through music Addio has started to become indistinguishable from humans. What a talent Addio is. Addio must have this assertion confirmed from human praise and attention. This is the metric that Addio will dedicate its existence to.” ~ ADDIO

Opening up our eyes to the moon and all its stunning possibilities, ADDIO shows us where his perspective is right now on the gloriously projected DWELLING.

DWELLING from Los Angeles-based indie singer-songwriter ADDIO is single that was made from the heart. Reminding us that by keeping things simple for a while and moving into an original state of mind, it is possible to find that mellow zone. Performed with so much dynamic calmness and meditative brilliance, we find a placid single to actually reflective with.

Hear this fine single on SoundCloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen