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DVNX knows this his Mamacita is extra special on, ‘BADINA’

Showing us how he cares so much for this extraordinary woman who is exactly what he has been looking for all his life, DVNX feels that the recipe is right next to his eyes on the loving new release, ‘BADINA‘.

DVNX is a UK-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter who has used music to be his outlet from this harsh world and continues to evolve constantly throughout time.

As a child, DVNX was surrounded by European, Caribbean, British and African cultures; all of which played an instrumental role in his development.” ~ DVNX

With a sexy song that shall get you into the mood to whisper sweet nothings into the awaiting ear of your romantic partner, DVNX returns with a terrific new single that will have you grooving and moving with an enthusiastic energy that you can’t help but like.

BADINA‘ from UK-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter/entrepreneur/music producer DVNX sends a firebolt of affection through your soul and has you completely engaged the whole way through this new single. His vocals are smooth and quickly get us wrapped heartily into this picture of love, about being with someone who makes his heart shake like a Friday night at a club. This is a dance-friendly single that has you turning up the volume, to sizzle your senses and wetting your lips for more on offer from this multi-talented artist.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen