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Passing Me By: Dutch Experts wonders why a heart couldn’t understand better on Bound by This

With a classic sounding aura as so many listen closely inside by the cosy campfire, Dutch Experts flame up our emotions and bring us a majestically honest release caressed inside a bow of sounds you just have to hear called Bound by This.

Dutch Experts is a Hannah Hoffman-created indie pop dark synthpop band who are from the beautiful hills of Vermont and create music many will get lost within.

Faced with long-Covid symptoms and the crumbling of societal infrastructure, singer/songwriter Hannah Hoffman turned one of her lowest and most challenging points into a revisitation of her approach to sound. Experimenting with layering synths and electronic drum beats in Garageband, Hoffman created a sonic landscape that bore the fruits of Dutch Experts.” ~ Hannah Hoffman

Formerly of Dune Hunter, Hannah Hoffman leads Dutch Experts to project a deep feeling in such a wonderfully relatable manner on Bound by This and this is a must-listen for still-healing humankind. Toned with a feel to the best possible version of the past and sounding refreshed at the same time, this is a rather extraordinary effort.

Written during the middle of the Covid Pandemic lockdown, lyrics imbued with a sense of somber self-reflection contrasted by glittering synthesizers and danceable drum beats. “Bound by This” is a ‘journey through the darkness to find the light.” ~ Hannah Hoffman

Bound by This from the Vermont-born indie pop dark synthpop act Dutch Experts is possibly one of the most cinematic soundscapes possible in our lifetime. This is an ear-filling track which will take all minds into a rather illuminating space that shall shake all cores into a much better place.

When you know when to break free, the next step will present itself.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen