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”The Glory’s Mine” is a bluesy gem from Ben Railway Robey

A true singer-songwriter is born with a genuine soul, a smooth voice and lyrics that are gritty. Ben Railway Robey has such a great name and backs it up with a quality song here. ”The Glory’s Mine” is one of those road trip songs that needs to be played again and again.

With his attitude in a full steam ahead mood, Ben Railway Robey is on a mission to climb the music mountain and shows us his determination to do it his way. Tired of false promises, Ben flows in such a authentic way that the song feels like a campfire story. This is a singer-songwriter with inner grit and determination to make sure that every moment counts while performing his blend of music. I imagine Ben Railway Robey singing his heart out in a small, dusty and rum soaked bar. Loyal fans listening from all corners and enjoying every minute. This is the ultimate underdog and ”The Glory’s Mine” is statement of intent from this real talent.

Stream more from this underrated blues artist with a heart of gold right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen