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The devil is in the art-rock detail in Outerrings’ latest single, Titan

With a soundscape sweet enough to appease fans of Mogwai, Radiohead, and Sigur Ros, the latest single, Titan, from the Durham-based alt-rock trio, Outerrings, is an ethereal lesson in melodicism.

By using the consistent presence of the gentle yet rhythmically compelling guitar chords as an anchoring point in the release in place of percussion, Titan is as antithetical as alt-rock singles come, but it is all the more mesmerising for it in its reverb-drenched gravitas.

By underpinning the release with the vulnerable fragility of the vocal lines that cry out to those laden with ennui and burden, it is an evocatively artful ride everyone alienated by modern culture will want to strap themselves in for.

Titan was officially released on July 2nd. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I’m Chosen: Greensboro rapper Mista Lyrical never forgets what he saw on ‘Holden’

As he flows tremendously with street stories of back in the day with friends and how those sometimes fond and sometimes harsh memories are still close to his heart, Mista Lyrical shows us his quality skills on the excellent new single ‘Holden‘.

Jigg.E $upreme aka Mista Lyrical is a Durham, North Carolina-born, Greensboro, North Carolina-raised indie boom-bap rapper. He makes that stylishly crafted music that is full of storytelling, of the highest order.

His rapid rhythms and supremely harmonious melodies has your body grooving, as he webs around the bars to project a man that is on his way to where he wants to be in life, as an artist and as a self-aware man that wants the best for his family. He is willing to do things the right way, so he can look in the mirror with a smile and not gaze into hatred for what you have done.

This is the story about reflecting about past memories whilst looking to the future, as the road was hard and lots of sacrifices were needed. The time to rise up and do what is necessary to make that paper is here and he is ready.

Holden‘ from the determined North Carolina hip-hop artist Mista Lyrical, has that rare back-in-the-day feel, that warms your mind and has you turning the volume up, as you appreciate his top shelf lyrical delivery that sets him apart from most.

Life was tough growing up and through music and hard work, he shows that anything is possible if you put in the time and effort. When you feel like you are chosen to do what you love, each day is a blessing.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Learning to love as one: TwentyNine30 are scintillating on debut track ‘I Won’t Hide’

TwentyNine30 are a new name to immerse yourself into through their stunning song about loving your partner throughout all on ‘I Won’t Hide‘.

Durham, North Carolina dreamy-pop band TwentyNine30 make that kind of music that makes you reflective and inspired at the same time to be a better person and to deal with whatever is holding you back in relationships.

With the breathtaking honey-layered vocals of the classy Emily Pierce and the skillfully pure guitarist Jack Thomas adding in his incredible voice to mesh a intertwining bundle of glorious goodness for our hearts, this is a special song full of heartfelt treats.

Its so easy to turn your back and hide away when you find something out about your lover. Perhaps they are hiding the key to the real reason away as they are embarrassed or worried you will leave them. Being a strong couple and fully fusing your hearts together to be so madly in love so nothing can or will break you, is extremely hard but possible if you both want it enough.

This is the story about how two humans decide that they want to know each others deepest fears and secrets, so that they can fully trust and be at one to navigate life’s adventures hand in hand, heart to heart with gusto and that rare ultimate trust.

I Won’t Hide‘ from North Carolina’s indie-dream band TwentyNine30 is a pleasurable experience on the soul and they sing with such passion and the eclectic guitar piece at the end puts you in such a calming state- after the deeply emotive lyrics and supremely gifted vocals of that true love.

We might not like what we find inside each others minds and hearts sometimes, but if you love someone enough and can see that they genuinely are a kind person and have valid reasons for their actions, you can overlook it if when you look into their eyes you see true goodness, you know that they are someone you can fully trust and be with no matter what.

After all, the eyes never lie.

Stream this wonderful single on Spotify and see their next move on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen