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Finding space to heal again: ‘Let Me Breathe’ from Makichi is a mysterious journey full of wonder

Makichi intrigue us all yet again on their latest alt-electro single named ‘Let Me Breathe’. The thudding knock-like sounds of a hammer smacking a wall is the start here what will certainly get you to sit up and take notice. With their band name meaning- Us-Who-What- they are a group that like to turn up the voltage of proceedings and be heard wherever they go.

The Iranian/French duo storm into the chilly lake of 2020, with a vibrating lightsaber of energies that Luke Skywalker would be proud of. The story of needing to get that extra fresh air after a traumatic time is woven all over their latest creation. Trying to let this pain go is proving hard as the dark ruins of current time loom larger over like a thunderstorm that won’t go away.

The vocals are magnificently portrayed with luster and there is haunting energy here as they want to laugh again but can’t right now until the healing process has finished its natural process. Sometimes this takes lots of time and might never truly go away. All you can do is find somewhere close to find that fresh air and brush off that stale air that has fragmented all over your tired soul.

With a chorus that is moody and brilliant, ‘Let Me Breathe’ from Makichi is a call from this talented couple for the world to calm down so that we can all get back into a relaxed state away from the tears, stress and heartbreak that has consumed most of us. All we can do right now is be around those that we trust and keep our hearts safe from more pain.

Hear this new track here on their Spotify and find out more on the Strasbourg based duo on their IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen