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Dundee’s Desert Kites wakes up from that vividly stimulating dream on ‘Coming Home to You’.

Assembled at the cosy and accomodating S2K studios, Shaleph O’Neill from Desert Kites returns after 20 years away from the music scene with the comeback single called ‘Coming Home to You‘.

Desert Kites is an experienced and recently reinvigorated Dundee, Scotland-based indie-alternative band that was created by singer-songwriter, Shaleph O’Neill.

Seeking solace from the pressures of home working, schooling and parenting, he started rehearsing alone at the S2K studios in Dundee.” ~ Desert Kites

Putting our heads in a groove to move at night with a reflective single, Desert Kites flies so high and into a place that is quite unforgettable at times on a super release, all about making changes for the better after an experience that you feel was so real.

Coming Home to You‘ from Dundee, Scotland-based indie-alternative band Desert Kites, is a dream-filled single that grabs your consciousness to go back to where you belong. Sung with a determined attitude and with catchy energy, this is an inspiring single, to say the least. Made by a lead singer who needed that creative output again after many years of that extreme pressure, which can break your soul in half if you aren’t careful.

Check out this deep new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Lies: Dundee alt-rock artist Frances Gein knows that someday she will be fine on break-up track ‘Mud’

As she bravely crawls away from the past relationship that ended so traumatically, Frances Gein wades through the darkness to find her light again on the terrific new single ‘Mud‘.

Frances Gein is an inspiring LGBTQ+ alternative rock/pop artist from Dundee, Scotland. She blends topics about mental health, loneliness, and existential dread into her music creations, as she aims to mix grunge and beauty together.

She began learning guitar at the start of the lockdown in 2020 to deal with personal trauma but fell in love with the art of song writing.” ~ Frances Gein

With a gritty and honest flow streaming genuinely withing her veins, she leads us into this heartbreaking story of being with someone who selfishly just wanted to take away your energy all for themselves. Without truly caring for you – they showed you their true intentions eventually – that let you away from that toxic web of doom, so you could heal up to love properly like you truly deserve and smell that romantic perfume.

Inspired by the poetry of William Wordsworth, ‘Mud’ looks back at abusive relationship with a sarcastic tone.” ~ Frances Gein

Mud‘ from the talented Scottish alt-rock/pop solo artist Frances Gein, is the story of knowing that sometime in the future you will be okay. Right now however, you are still steaming with the vivid memory of not being loved properly by a former lover who let you down badly. She sings with a real maturity and takes us on a movie-like journey through the mess that you didn’t want to endure, but certainly learnt from.

Sometimes you have to be at your absolute lowest, to reach the exciting highs that will complete your hungry soul.

Hear this new single via the Spotify music channel and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen