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PleasePrettyLea is at her brilliant best on the chain-filled ‘Burden’

After stunning us with her sensational single ‘Birthday Cardand the more recent dark theatre ballad ‘Ohheycide‘, PleasePrettyLea eloquently explains to us the pain of feeling rather inadequate within a relationship for too long with, ‘Burden‘.

PleasePrettyLea (formally known as KREPZ) is a Dudley, Midlands-based UK indie alternative artist who is best known for her excellent Voldermortis series from 2020 and has continued to astound with quality releases since.

I was around 12 when I first started recording in a bootleg studio in Wolverhampton. I was then spotted by now, well known DJ MOKY (White club Dubai) at the age of 13 prior to being spotted again by DJ Apostle.” ~ PleasePrettyLea

Showing us she is the most fascinatingly inventive artist around right now, PleasePrettyLea is quite exceptional with her awe-inspiring visuals, gripping lyrics and impressive vocals, that will have you completely transfixed like you are in the Matrix and automatically listening to her music again and again.

My latest single Burden, which was inspired by a new friendship that offered safety and stability.” ~ PleasePrettyLea

Burden‘ from Dudley, Midlands-based UK indie alternative artist PleasePrettyLea is a dazzling experience that shall shock your system like you have just been struck by lightning. Her vocal excellence is supremely inspiring, and she shows us why this is an ever-evolving creative project that is always exploring previously unfathomable boundaries.

Feeling like you shouldn’t be with someone always weighs heavy on the heart, especially if the love was once strong.

See this deep music video on YouTube and see more on her always dynamic IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen