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Take You Inside: Ukrainian artist Allexa Bash doesn’t want any regrets on Stay

Taken from her powerful 8-track release called Dark Angels, Allexa Bash is rather exquisite on the superb single to play on full volume and with passionate intensity, Stay.

Allexa Bash is a classically-trained Ukraine-born Dubai-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who has an outstanding vocal proficiency which is fused with her remarkable work ethic and love for her craft.

A brilliantly versatile musician able to cover pop, rock and jazz, Allexa’s interest in music began when she was just four. She would use a fake mic from her grandmother as if it were real before she progressed to writing her own lyrics.” ~ Allexa Bash

Lathered in so much atmospheric energy to swim deeply inside, Allexa Bash is in top form and shall change perceptions with one of the more unforgettable arrangements in recent history. Everything is so classy and without fuss, you see, as our hearts heal from all anxiousness.

Stay from Dubai-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Allexa Bash is one of the more dynamic sizzlers possible in our ears. She sings with a world-class ability and this is a real stunner to play when extra motivation is needed. Crisp to the core and features an impressive arrangement to ease all romantic worries away.

When two hearts want to stay, anything is possible.

Turn this up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When I See You Again: Dubai’s VISH longs for that returning deep embrace on Oceans Apart

Wondering if it will be the same or if the love will be less substantial than before, VISH shows us that the swim will be certainly worth the paddle when that name is called out so loud, your ears shall rejoice on Oceans Apart.

VISH is a Dubai-based indie multilingual alternative singer-songwriter who has a roaring sound that will rattle your teeth into shape again.

I want people to listen to my music to feel, cry, indulge and simply immerse themselves in it.” ~ VISH

Soaring high and much magnetic energy, VISH is vocally on point and takes your whole body into a place that is hauntingly beautiful. With speaker-soothing elements, you can’t help but feel transformed by this stunning effort to remember fondly.

Oceans Apart from Dubai-based indie alternative singer-songwriter VISH is a special song for those who have ever felt like they need to be held tight by one particular person. As you gaze into those eyes one more time, figuring out if the flame is still hot, to imagine you moving closer after a long break.

When you don’t want your lover to ever leave again, you know that it’s true love.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dubai rapper Menon drops bass-filled statement as he wants the ”Whole Thing”

Hard-hitting Menon is a rapper based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He is back with his new track called ”Whole Thing” and he isn’t messing around on this strong effort.

Whole Thing” is about wanting the whole bag. Menon has built his name up over the last few years and is now ready to conquer the world. He isn’t going to let anyone or anything hold him back from this moment forth.

Menon has a strong style, is raw and rugged. This kind of style makes the best kind of Hip Hop and he shows lots of hunger. With so many emcee that find fame who then get lazy, he is doing to opposite. I love this kind of style and it will serve him well. Surely Menon will get the chance to be on some massive lineups and festivals in 2021. ”Whole Thing” is a top track so turn it up.

Stream this new banger with deep bass right here on the Spotify music channel.

You can see the video right here on YouTube.

Find out more about this rapper here on his Facebook.

Head through to Insta to see more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ptree shows us a lost love story on ”One Thing”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the home of singer-songwriter Ptree. He is back with his new song that is called ”One Thing”.

This is a love story that doesn’t end well sadly. She is looking for one thing and we never get to know what that is. Maybe that’s the whole point of the story? Sometimes there is one thing that always holds us back in life and in relationships.

There is a lovely tune here and the background vibe is very indie-rock. Ptree has strong vocals and impresses here during this sad love story. He is a multi-talented performer that just likes to be on stage and make people happy.

This is the follow up to ”Loved By You” and this is a terrific indie-folk song that has some bite in it. I like the overall energy and Ptree is improving on each release.

Find out more via his Facebook page.

Stream this lost love single right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

South African folk fairy Leoné Murphy echos the current world with spellbinding ”Chaos”

I’ve always wanted to play crochet with a real fairy.

In a world full of chaos there are always those good souls that send us messages and leave clues behind to help us. This is one of those moments. When you hear true words that have been created with only good intentions. This is the reminder that all is not lost.

Dubai based South African singer-songwriter Leoné Murphy sends us a peaceful message full of guidance on her new single ”Chaos”. Her stunningly crystal clear voice that is like a fresh waterfall gushing with true stories that have not been tainted at all. I have goosebumps and my heart is happy again. Each word means something.

In a world full of mystery and depressing news, Leoné is a leading light to find the right way and not get sucked into the oil-spilled carnage of current events. The South African folk singer with an incredible voice and real lyrics impresses so much hear that I’m still shaking my heat and smiling. There is light and with music we all heal.

Chaos” from Leoné Murphy is 2020’s turning point and one of my favorite songs by far. This is a soundtrack that needs to be cherished and enjoyed with family & friends. We can all escape if we are together as one.

Stream this stunning song full of worldly beauty that will transfix your soul on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KxngQuizzle Releases Hip Hop Track “Kxngs Speech 05”

KxngQuizzle is a hip hop artist and producer with a clear vision and a groovy sound that will have you bopping your head along with the music. Apart from this though, his approach to music also features a blend of old school influences mixed with a modern touch. This can evidently be observed in his latest track “Kxngs Speech 05” which not only delivers a very rhythmically active rap flow with suitable changes in vocal tone but also incorporates the modern use of auto-tune throughout the ending section. This not only tells us more about KxngQuizzle’s influences but also presents new ideas from the beginning of the song, through to the end. The music video also adds to the character of the music and features KxngQuizzle’s having a good time with his friends.

“Kxngs Speaech 05” starts off with a mellow melodic intro which allows the vocal rhythmic play to stand out before establishing the groovy beat that provides that old school vibe. Throughout the whole song the vocal performance and delivery remain convincing with a strong  bold character that proves the messages behind the lyrics. Clearly life struggles do bring out the best in KxngQuizzle and his music shows this is true!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Menon – Indecisive: There’s No Sound Like a Man Scorned

Dubai Hip Hop legend Menon’s latest hit indecisive is now available to stream and download across all devices. Released earlier this month, the talented Hip Hop artist created his anthem with his latest track by fusing poetic expression with harsh beats. He uses Indecisive to explore the reminiscent feelings that accompany toxic relationships as he bounces back and forth from bitter, to hostile, to affectionate and reminiscent.

The track has already deservedly achieved instant notoriety from fans who haven’t been able to get enough of the rap artists uniquely refreshing sound. Each of his tracks has a raw and relatable meaning which he animates through his music to create a stunningly thematic styling, with breakdowns that will leave you reeling in his emotions.  Each track is polished to perfection after being expertly mixed and mastered by RAYAN. Menon has us all hooked on his apocalypse invoking sound.

With the ability to make such a hard-hitting debut, it seems highly likely that we’ll hear more from the talented artist’s hyped up sound. Earlier tracks such as My Flex went viral with fans nationwide.

Check out the official music video on the YouTube link below: