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All The Times You Left Me: drug seeker wonders why that fleeting lover left again on pTsD

Wondering why his romantic partner bolted again just when things were getting rather special, drug seeker shall take you into emotionally locked away places we can all relate to in this lonely world with pTsD.

drug seeker is a Los Angeles, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes that memorable music that is relatable to millions.

Displaying to us a delightful vocal output and a lyrical brilliance that is such a fine listen, drug seeker opens the door to a passionate liaison that works just perfectly, until it doesn’t. Sung with a real vigor that will stretch your earlobes, this is a single that all us of need to hear on full volume.

pTsD from Los Angeles, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter drug seeker is a catchy track that has been made with a keen self-awareness. With a hugely likeable sound and much to enjoy about an artist who has been totally honest here-this is a riff-packed gem of an anthem-to all those who have felt the wrath of something ending so quickly.

When you feel the crushing blow of a shattered romance that has been broken, picking up the pieces quickly is the only thing you can do.

Check out the YouTube video and see his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen