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Small Planets Release New Indie Track “Drowning”

With their high energy, driving rhythms and dark tones Small Planets present their new track “Drowning” which features woven melodies, an expressive vocal and a rich blend of effects in a captivating atmosphere. With a vocal melody that is simplistic, yet strong, and a set of deep and thought provoking lyrics, this song skilfully expresses a place of darkness through a sound which is actually captivating and sonorous with flowing harmonies and guitar effects. Apart from its vibrant and communicative performance element the music also features an interesting blend between atmospheric synthesiser sounds, a steady driving beat and an element of diluted rock blending in convincingly.

Apart from it’s strong character, the song truly shows Small Planet’s potential as a very creative group with a clear vision. These guys know how to enhance their music with the right amount of effects and create a sonic environment which suits the mood for the lyrics through a distinctive sound. Although very conscious of the dark subject matter Small Planets manage to mould their sound to remain exciting and driving throughout with an element of etherial melodies which truly enhance the meaning behind the song.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja