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What Is My Purpose: DREW TRAVEIL realizes that he needs to love himself first on ‘Heartless’

As he intimately searches for his true mission in life, DREW TRAVEIL tells us how he knows his cold nature isn’t helping right now but he is struggling to find his warm soul again with the emotional new song asking for help on ‘Heartless‘.

Eryc Cuevas aka DREW TRAVEIL, is a passionate free-styling storyteller and indie RnB/pop artist. He loves to paint his listeners a vivid picture and appears to make music for the love of the game, as creating is in his blood.

I knew I had something deep within me that needed to be brought to life so others can hear and become inspired by my work, but it’s also a way of expressing myself and learning things I never knew I was before.” ~ DREW TRAVEIL

This is a significantly touching track that hits home so hard, as we are told the story about how things have been so hard lately and he feels so lost. The elusive compass is hidden away right now and he knows he needs to find it quickly, before he gets lost in the world of woods, which can take you down paths that are so undesirable.

Heartless‘ from the new RnB/pop musician DREW TRAVEIL, is a sad journey that is about getting the powerful mind away from the winter cold, as he looks to find where he needs to go next. This is a call for his sleepy soul to ignite again with a spark to life – as right now the fuel is on empty and he is worried about where he is heading – in this darkly-lit world full of confusion.

Stream this new track on YouTube and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen