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Beni Mizrahi Releases Wonderfully Sophisticated Track ‘Soulversation’

Self taught, multi-instrumentalist Mizrahi is nothing less than a sonic dream weaver. Quite a bold statement but spend any amount of time in songs such as Soulversation and you are quickly transported to a place were velvet neo-soul vibes, dreamy post-folk and meandering, hazy progressive rock coalesce into the perfect balance of drifting psychedelia laced soundscapes and thoughtful, philosophical lyricism.

Soulversation is at once loose and yet wonderfully sophisticated, a balance that works so well because of the tasteful musical choices that Mizrahi makes. Even though there is a lot happening musically throughout the track, it is the perfect layering of these myriad musical textures, the fact that everything has room to feature and blossom but never steps on the other instruments toes, shows that his musical instinct is second to none.