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Gussie Miller – The Last Page: Tenderly Soulful Neo-Soul

Not many vocalists can contend with Mike Patton’s magnetically smooth vocals in Faith No More’s iconic track Easy. But up and coming RnB Soul artist Gussie Miller achieved it with discernible ease with their recently released single “The Last Page”.

The Last Page kicks off with a soft Jazzy prelude which introduces Gussie Miller’s almost whispered vocals, and there’s a steady build-up throughout the track, yet, it’s anything but a slow burner. The instrumentals may exude mellifluously rhythmic cathartic ambience, but you’ll be locked into the progressions all the same. With the tonal warmth in The Last Page, you might just feel as though you’re swimming in pools of nostalgic sepia once you hit play.

You can check out The Last Page for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast