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Lost In A Wonderland: London’s Nicole Dash Jones isn’t letting it slide until the end with ‘Lego’

Produced by the well-respected Samuel Hills, Nicole Dash Jones is ready to drop her much-awaited debut and its a delectable goodie for us to nibble on excitedly with ‘Lego‘.

Nicole Dash Jones is a very fashionable London, UK-based indie Dream-Pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dog lover and hugely successful Entrepreneur.

Nicole has a supremely scintillating vocal range which is only getting warmed up – as this is mixed to perfection from a true wizard – while we get pulled into this picture of love that is hard to keep afloat at times, but she refuses to give up as her loyalty is way too strong and bulletproof.

Nicole has written and featured on various dance records including KC Lights ‘Change the World’ and M’Black ‘Heartbreak’ plus numerous collabs and releases on labels ranging from Mau5trap, Anjuna Beats and, 9T90 Records – a label set up by Nicole and Samuel Hills to release dance records by Hills + Dash.” ~ Nicole Dash Jones

Lego‘ from the sensational London, UK Dream-Pop artist and Businesswoman Nicole Dash Jones, is an 80’s fused spark that flies straight into your awaiting eyes as you let it soak beneath your excited skin to be replenished by. You feel like this is a gem you needed to hear all day, as keeping your bridge tight is so important in this cancel culture world.

After biding time to release her music – you get the sense that this is an artist going all the way – to the top of whichever mountain she chooses to conquer.

Hear this hot new single on Spotify and see what she gets up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Of Cards: Scottish singer Michael Lumby tells the story of ‘Black Magic’ (2021 Mix)

After 2020’s debut album ‘Wolves On The Mountain‘, Michael Lumby reflects vividly on the cards-filled story of ‘Black Magic(2021 Mix).

Michael Lumby is a Perth, Scotland-based indie rock artist, dog lover, keen fisherman, writer and music producer. He makes that nostalgic feel vibration that has you in a daydream from those classic days of yesteryear.

Taking influences from late 60’s to late 70’s rock and more recently Indie Rock, his music tells stories of fictional and nonfictional tales.’ ~ Michael Lumby

With an experienced tone that has you gravitating towards turning up the volume so you can enrapture yourself into the whole story, his unique blend of music has you pondering this mysterious art form that suddenly spices up your next card game. With a classic rock sound, he adds so much to the track with a sterling display on his trusty guitar.

Black Magic(2021 Mix) from the Perth, Scotland indie rock artist and music producer Michael Lumby, is a striking single which talks about a topic that certainly sparks the interest of many. He sings with a passionate style and skillfully brings us a thoughtful story which has you reflecting deeply, on a track with might cause shivers to emerge all over your body.

Hear this exciting single on Spotify and check out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Everyone Needs A Light Sometimes: Daniella Spadini certainly finds the special spark on debut ‘Part Of You’

With her small-town humble nature shining through beautifully into the wind as she embarks on this exciting journey to release her own music, Daniella Spadini wholeheartedly desires that tender touch right now as she wishes they were close to light the love together like fireworks in the sky on ‘Part Of You‘.

Daniella Spadini is an emerging 21-years-young rural Northern California-born indie pop singer-songwriter, dog lover and flower enthusiast, who calls Berklee College of Music her home currently, as he finishes up her undergrad in songwriting.

As a teen, she performed with a Top 40 cover band in hundreds of shows at venues that include Disneyland and the
California State Fair. Feeling called back to her songwriting roots, she soon left the band to focus on her own artistry.” – Daniella Spadini

With a whirlwind of a gushingly attractive voice that seems to have your back standing straight up to attention, you get lost into her wonderful sound that is backed up with a rather special beat here. The two combine so perfectly and this is a stunning debut track, that is surely up there with the more promising indie singles of 2021.

Part Of You‘ from the youthfully exuberant Northern California-born pop singer and skilled songwriter Daniella Spadini, has us dreaming about being with the person of our dreams who is a bit further away than we would like. The spark is there but the lighter is hidden away for now – as we hold onto their memory really tight – before it fades away into the night, never to be seen again.

Hear this top new single on her Spotify and see more of her music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen