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D’Monta Markeith Jaleel Evans

Walk Alone: dankmt stood his ground on raw new single dead rage

Tearing through the cage and tumbling heartily into the sea to heal all those wounds, dankmt grips us tightly and takes us into a world which so many will truly feel deep inside each carefully created cartilage on dead rage.

dankmt aka D’Monta Markeith Jaleel Evans is an outcast Dallas, Texas-born indie hip hop artist and music producer who shall stimulate every listener with an interwoven blend of incomparable music.

Been through a lot within the last year.” ~ dankmt

Healing through music after the harsh tragedies of recent times, dankmt shall take your emotions through a whirlpool-like galaxy which has so much courage and insightful vividness.

dead rage from Dallas, Texas-born indie hip hop artist/music producer dankmt is an impassioned track which will take you for a ride and scorching heat-filled fire inside our speakers. Packed with such an honest tone and sailing with utmost frequency, this is a raw track to dial up rather loud.

Listen up on SoundCloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen