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Disparate Souls releases latest EP Cryptic Words

Yorkshire-based roots Rock band Disparate Souls have released their latest four-track collection ‘Cryptic Words’ with a mixture of Folk, Alternative Country and Rock.

Starting off with the clasp on the threats of the electric guitar, as the smooth adenoidal vocals come in bringing in the tap on the drums that mellow out in the background. Playing that real country-esque instrumentation, and always filling the air with the pluck of the threats giving it it’s Rock feel.

Each track has its own style when it comes to instruments, introducing a maracas like sound and again that gentle guitar riff that settles in the back. The forth track ‘Night’ uses a lot more synthesised effects with the vocals making them sound more robotic and distorted, adding in a gentle whisper. In each piece it has lots of elements that stand out in their own way.

Disparate Souls has created an anthology that combines three diverse genres of sounds and has made it their own.

Check out Disparate Souls latest collection by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall