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TARISH blew the roof off house music with ‘blurry’

The Iraq-born, Sweden-hailing songwriter and producer, TARISH, blew the roof off the house genre with his stormer of a floor-filler, blurry.

With similar uninhibitedly high-energy to the hit, Filthy/Gorgeous by Scissor Sisters, read through the funky bass-dripping beats and the galvanizingly high vocal notes, blurry is an adrenaline-fuelled slice of euphoria which stores an endless supply of dopamine.

TARISH also audibly wears his Swedish House Mafia influence on his music producer sleeve, but never to the detriment of the originality of his resounding sound, which is currently criminally underrated. If you enjoy discovering underground artists before they break onto the mainstream, your time is running out to discover the electrifying visionary before everyone else.

Blurry hit the airwaves on April 21; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Michelle Ayers sets the pace in her soul house anthem, Fast Steppin’

Newark-born, Atlanta-based veteran recording artist Michelle Ayers has been projecting soul into the EDM scene since 1988. In 2022, she is on zealous form in her latest single, Fast Steppin’.

As cool as a New York club kid in the 90s, as soulful as Houston, she was best placed to bring the funk, groove and euphoria in her escapist retro disco house anthem, which shows the vast range of her soaring vocal dynamism over the solid beats and Nile Rodgers Esque synthesised guitar chops. Feel good tracks have never felt so good.

Fast Steppin’ is now available to stream on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Partimama has made her empowering EDM pop debut with ‘Mamma Loves Ya’

Melbourne-based EDM pop artist, Partimama, has released her riotously catchy empowerment track, Mamma Loves Ya. With more soul than all of Ru Paul’s aural productions combined, it’s hard not to let the wholesomely uplifting anthem sink its teeth and drip-feed serotonin.

With the well-placed horn stabs and disco grooves around the unfaltering pounding bass, Partimama became the queer-celebrating icon we never knew we needed through her infectious extension of unconditional love. Even if you don’t get it from your mother, you’ve got an unlimited supply from this unity inspiring hit.

Like many of her fans, we couldn’t be happier that she stepped away from other people’s music and turned her attention to her own expression.

Mamma Loves Ya is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Finding that special love: Erire wakes us up from our slumber with the lovers anthem ‘Destination’ (ft. Axel 84)

The old school bass bump and clicking of the fingers lets you know that this is going to be an old school feel of a song with lots of dancing involved. Vivacious UK singer-songwriter Erire sings with such pureness on her new single ‘Destination’ (ft. Axel 84).

This is about asking for that special person in your life to wait for you and not to disappear without you. They have let you down before but all has been forgiven and you believe in them. You feel that they are the air that you breathe and you want to be with them closely, feeling their heartbeat and dancing together all night. This is the desire you have deep inside and you were there when they were down and out. Loyalty isn’t an issue for you and your souls have meshed into one as this is the only person in the world that you want to be with.

Her voice is so soulful and beautiful, the tone is calm and passionate the whole way through, and this will lift you off your seat. The beat contains a wide range of genres as the disco house and vocals mesh so well like a fine wine and great company.

With Axel 84 on the mix here, the soulfully elegant Erire sings so stunningly on ‘Destination’. Her voice is spectacular and graceful, full of love and desire. When you want something, you have to try and go get it, otherwise you will always live with that regretful feeling. No one wants that on their conscious.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jirko has made their Disco Pop debut with ‘I Feel You’

Finnish-born UK-based artist Jirko brought a potent serving of captivating authenticity to the Disco Pop genre with their debut single ‘I Feel You’. With sharp instrumental hooks and seamlessly transgressions, you’ll be rhythmically hooked from start to finish.

With the entrancing grooves, the distinction within their vocals which ooze sonorous magnetism, I Feel You is sure to be hit with any EDM fan who appreciates electronically expressive beats paired with raw, realistic emotion. If it was possible to fill dancefloors in the UK right now, I Feel You would definitely have people writhing to the ardent energy.

You can check out I Feel You via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Khadija Lisa gets the team together on self-worth message ‘Queen’

Hartford, Connecticut’s Khadija Lisa strolls in with her team and dances away our worries on the fantastic music video called ‘Queen’. This is the shout out to the ladies.

Inspired by the old school styles of disco, funk, 90’s house and indie-pop, Khadija Lisa is a singer, dancer and actor who moved to New York in order to follow her passion. To study acting. This fine young artist is slowly emerging in the music world due to the her great voice and smooth style.

Queen‘ is all about raising the standard and valuing yourself as a women, with your true friends. In a world that is full of followers and likes, this is a welcome message for young woman all over the globe. Valuing yourself is the way to being happy inside and you are the one that needs to look in the mirror each day.

Queen’ from US singer Khadija Lisa is an honest story about the world that we are in and the one that you want to see. This is a fine single that has a message of self-worth.

Stream here via YouTube.

Head to Spotify to hear this fab track.

Click here for the Facebook page to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen