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Dion Kerr showcases their experimentalism with “Cosmos”

Kicking in with some proper old style TR808 drum sounds before a set of mildly discordant piano and brass chords, ‘Cosmos’ by Dion Kerr is nine minutes of jazzy instrumental, a series of repeating motifs, moving through arrangements and phrases, alternating saxophone and experimental guitar courtesy of collaborator Jeff Parker.

Here using an original composition from his days at the Manhattan School Of Music, Kerr deconstructs and recasts the piece into an improvisational modern big band arrangement, marrying old school drum machine beats, cassette tape saturation, and experimental modern jazz.

‘Cosmos’ is from Kerr’s new album ‘Ivy’, available to preorder from his Bandcamp page.

Review by Alex Holmes.

Dion Kerr – BLOOM featuring Adam O’Farrill: Cinematically Blissful Downtempo Jazz

Up and coming Jazz artist Dion Kerr has served up 6-minutes of sublime serenity with his latest tonally glowing feat of Ambient Experimental Jazz “BLOOM” featuring Adam O’Farrill.

The cinematically blissful offering of Downtempo Jazz carries some nuances of Avant-Garde within its perplexingly indulgent progressions which have plenty of aural curveballs instore. BLOOM has a way of demanding repeat attention by allowing you to draw more ingenuity out of the multi-layered resolving soundscape with every hit. With a new album in the pipeline, you’ll definitely want to save space on your radar for Dion Kerr.

You can check out the official video to BLOOM which premiered on August 19th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dion Kerr releases single D.O.T

D.O.T. by Dion Kerr

Dion Kerr has dropped the latest piece ‘D.O.T’ using the ever-growing power of sound to create this short piece of music, solidly based on sound.

Whilst some people may not be a fan of listening to music without vocals, it’s safe to say that just having sound can be just as good and this track proves that. Going through a range of different instruments and combining them together, giving off a Rock essence but also combining a more Funk style to it as well.

The use of instrumentation is key here and the way it goes together, starting off with that slow tap on the drum, adding in that pluck on the strings and then incorporating the Rock tune of the electric guitar. Then to give it a more laid back sound, adding in the sound of the trumpet and combining that with all the other elements that are played throughout.

The best thing about this piece is it shows you don’t just have to have someone’s voice, that you can pull the listener in and take them on a journey through sound. This one combines many elements and some you might not even put together but it works.

Listen to Dion Kerr’s D.O.T by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall