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The Plot Thickens: Arizona’s Depollock mystifies our mind with ‘Tell Me A Secret’


With a spark to the mind to light the fuel in our minds, Depollock is back with his second single that will be stuck into your head all day called ‘Tell Me A Secret‘.

Depollock is a thrilling Phoenix, Arizona-based multi instrumentalist & producer. He makes enthralling soundscapes to get away from the negativity, as he loves that true creation that puts a smile on his face, away from all the unhelpful news on television.

He fuses his incredible talents together to help others deal with their problems, as much as it helps him too. Not telling anyone what he does is his way of breaking away from the norm — his style is mysterious and this is for a reason — that he keeps close to his soul.

The song is breathtakingly break-beat, full of surprises and twists, with feeling that has you electrified beyond belief, the sound catches your stomach and doesn’t let go anytime soon.

Tell Me A Secret‘ from the free-feeling Arizona producer Depollock, is that deep look inside their heart as you don’t want them to go, but if they do, you want to know something that no one else knows. That urge to be closer to that person you love no matter what is sometimes rewarding, however it can also break your heart too.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That sweet feeling inside: Depollock wants to be ‘More Than Friends’ on upbeat electro-pop summer breeze debut release

Depollock is here with the debut single called ‘More Than Friends‘ and this will have you grooving along with a goofy smile on your face all day long.

Moon Rider Records musician, artist, and editor Depollock is here a mood changer that doesn’t need a ring. The melodies are sweet and summery which is just the perfect tonic to add into your music beverage.

His vocals lift so easily over the doom and gloom and the indie-pop daydream becomes reality in your mind as you work out what to say to your crush. His pure love is easy to hear in a song that is so magnificently made, the excellent production seems so effortless and vibrant which captures your imagination.

The optimistic energy fields come alive on this extremely satisfying listen for our tired bodies. Love should be tender like this, your genuine words that keep it real for them to entertain in their mind.

More Than Friends‘ from new artist Depollock is a fine song that is carefree, romantic and perfectly encapsulates what so many of us are feeling. If you are single right now, its been so hard to meet someone as the world is locked down. We find ourselves desiring a friend of ours to be our lover and this narrative is sung with tender care here.

If it doesn’t work out you might lose the friendship forever but it it does work out, you will be in love with someone you know well and care about so much. Life can be simple and sweet sometimes after all.

Cheer up your mood via the song on Soundcloud and see what comes next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen