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Italian classical pianist STEFANO FREDDI shows the world his unquestionable skill that is within his ‘Deep Soul’

After gracing us with ‘Five Notes Symphony the Murderer’s Tale‘ from April 2021, STEFANO FREDDI calms down everything like a true master of his craft to make sure we know where that ‘Deep Soul‘ has been hiding all this time.

STEFANO FREDDI is a Verona, Italy-based classical pianist who makes the kind of cinematic experience that certainly belongs in the movies when true emotion is needed.

A pianist since he was six years old, the Italian composer describes composing music as fulfilling an intrinsic need for self-expression and is an essential part of his life.” ~ STEFANO FREDDI

With a tremendously cultivated effort that sends you into a tranquil state of affairs, STEFANO FREDDI takes our hand and guides us to that island of freedom that is miles away from anything that can damage your priceless mood. Each note has been carefully crafted with rare dignity, that should warm your intestines and get you breathing properly again.

Always pushing himself to delve into different genres, Stefano Freddi has also composed soul music and he dabbled in house production.” ~ STEFANO FREDDI

Deep Soul‘ from the renowned Italy-based classical pianist STEFANO FREDDI is such a peaceful experience that you might get shivers pulsating down your spine to set you free again. This is an instrumental effort that contains so much beauty and skill, to bring you back to a place where you aren’t worrying about everything.

Great music heals you deeply if you listen intently enough.

Listen up to this fine new single on Spotify and check out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing it for the right reasons: Proper Einstein is here to guide us all on ‘Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’

Proper Einstein sings with such free-flowing effortless charm and ear-hugging wonder, via his latest smooth single ‘Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’.

Atlanta, Georgia-based R&B/Pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Proper Einstein, is the type of deep soul musician that makes music for the love of the art form and his pure reasons to create magical music that illuminates the sky, is to spread his kind energy to inspire the world. Through music, we can heal from any pain and this is the main objective of this quality and multi-talented artist.

This is about being bright inside your soul and blooming through those manifestations that you have visualized to the universe. With a vibrant voice and a catchy chorus that eases any stress off your tired body, this is a song that makes you feel better and is one you turn up and enjoy. He has the ability to get your feet tapping and your smile wide, as he takes us on a fun groovy ride.

Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’ from Georgia native Proper Einstein is a trip down memory lane, when music had so much character and was made with that loving nature.

This is a real performer who wants his creations to be seen and heard all over the globe. With a voice that sparks your attention and with charm for days, he can do anything he sets his mind too if he wants it enough.

Stream the finger-clicking gem on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rachel Huggins – Take Control: Funk-Infused Deep Soul

There’s probably no preparing you for the amount of soulful Disco Funk which will greet your ears when you hit play on up and coming Deep Soul artist Rachel Huggins’ latest single “Take Control”.

But considering that the single is an inspiring hit based around taking control of your life, there’s no harm in Rachel Huggins throwing you in at the effervescent deep end.

With a slightly vintage 70s tone, there’s a familiarity to the single thanks to the archaic groove and the artist’s undilutedly soulful vocals which are extremely efficacious at sharing empowering vibes. For fans of the genre, you may as well start considering Rachel Huggins a quintessential artist.

You can check out the latest single from Rachel Huggins for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast