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Acoustic Jazz duo Muca & La Marquise eloquently show their love for ”London” with debut single

Muca & La Marquise is a new project from London-based songwriter and producer Muca that uses sound and vision to bring to life a twenty-two-year-old girl who possesses a hauntingly unique voice that will inspire the hearts and minds of all who come across her. The debut song is called ”London” and this is precisely the laid-back song we need in 2020.

London” from new duo Muca & La Marquise is a track about falling in love with the stunning city and the heartbreak of having to leave it behind. The song all reflects the emotions of a Londoner, contemplating their future. This is a beautiful song and I love their knowledge of the legendary city. Flower Market, Cat & Mutton, Regent’s Canal and Hackney Central are all mentioned and this is so well done by illustrator and animator Clara Santos.

This is a stunning soul-pop/jazz song with a peaceful yet educational vibe here. Muca & La Marquise are a new duo with a full album slated for later on in the year. If this is a sign of things to come then ”London” is a terrific start.

Stream this fantastic song here on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Budapest band The Monoment fly high with debut ”Counting Airplanes”

With the recording split between the studio and home due to corona, this is an impressive result from the Hungarian band. With smooth vocals and a pop-rock sound, The Monoment are a fine young band with a massive future.

This song is all about missing the one that you love and having to look to the sky for inspiration. I like the vocals here and there is only room to grow here. The funky interludes and how the song develops is a wonder to behold. The talented Budepest act are in fine form here.

Taken off the brand new debut ”High Tech Bubble” album, ”Counting Airplanes” is a fantastic track for 2020. It’s well-made and has so many good textures to it that makes this a world class song. With Europe starting to open up, I’d love to see the band on some awesome gigs and festivals.

The Monoment fly high with ”Counting Airplanes” and impress with their pop-rock energy and classy lyrics. The sound is what you want out of a band and they are a memorable outfit set for big things.

Stream this awesome track right here via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen