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3G Internet – KRASH: An Anti-Pop Alt-Hip-Hop Debut to Lose Your Head To

3G Internet, the Experimental Hip Hop/Anti-Pop duo from Northeast Ohio, literally crashed into the music scene with ‘KRASH’, a track from their debut EP that defies convention with maximum conviction.

KRASH is a 7-minute audacious trip that rips up the rules and scatters the ashes of mundanity through the harsh tonal hues that pay an ode to the legacy of Death Grips and JPEGMAFIA. It’s a chaotic blend of gritty, glitchy electronic distortions and 8-bit landscapes, that makes no apology for launching an assault on the senses.

It’s a whirlwind of ideas, each vying for attention, yet somehow harmoniously coexisting. The duo’s disregard for industry norms is evident in every beat, every synth, and every lyric. In short, KRASH is a  ballad of the bizarre.

The duo’s approach to music is refreshingly honest. They pursue every idea, no matter how outlandish, and the result is a track that’s as authentic as it is avant-garde. In a world where music often feels manufactured and soulless, KRASH is a breath of caustically fresh air.

The debut EP is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Xther opened Pandora’s Box with the bloodlust in his experimental debut EP, A Disaster at Last

Pandora’s Box opened when Xther unveiled his seductively macabre standout single, Delicacy, taken from his debut release, which came in the form of his inaugural EP, A Disaster at the Least.

With bloodlust in place of the banality of lust, Xther, envisioned by the inventive Davin Casey, created the ultimate protest to the cultural quietude of Southwest Missouri; Davin’s musical metamorphosis stands as a vivid declaration of artistic tenacity and fervour.

After the stabbing piano keys tease a pop ballad, the throbbing synth lines send ravines of reverberance through the synthesis of dark electronic pop progressions and alt-rock manifestations of visceralism. If Deftones make you horny, I don’t even want to know what delicacy will do to you. The sultrily dark magnetism of She Wants Revenge creating friction against the future-ready production which highlights the dust on IAMX hits is a potent aural cocktail which will intoxicate you to Xther’s sonic reawakening which follows the dissolution of Davin Casey’s former hard-rock project, Story of a Ghost.

Stream Delicacy with the A Disaster at the Least EP via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jump Jump Joan made sparks fly in their vintage tone-wrapped pop-punk hit, This Night

Jump Jump Joan cruised in on a riptide of surf punk with their stylistically exhilarant standout single, This Night, taken from their debut EP, This is Us, which hit the airwaves on September 1st.

By the time the palpitatingly sweet chorus hits, you’ll be wishing that all pop-punk hits were as vintagely hued as This Night; as momentum drives through the overdriven guitar lines, the lead vocals drape seductively magnetic harmonies over the rancour to create a natural anchor amidst the chaos.

There aren’t many outfits that can hold vocal candles to the likes of Debbie Harry and Dolores O’Riordan, but if any powerhouse can hold their own against the icons, it is the Somerset-hailing ensemble who are already making major waves across streaming platforms and winning favour from the likes of Blitzcat Records and Honk Magazine. We’re stoked to see Jump Jump Joan hold dominion over the UK punk scene in 2024.

Stream This Night on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Classic piano pop made a comeback via Dana Powell’s single, Have I Found You

Dana Powell is reflectively resounding in her debut 4-track EP, Mirrors, featuring the standout piano pop score, Have I Found You.

The Canadian, US-residing singer, songwriter, and pianist applied an elevated classic pop touch to her arrestive single, produced by the Grammy Award-winning engineer Philip Larsen, who has also worked alongside the pop legends Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue. Clearly, Powell fits right into that iconic triad of pop icons; her songwriting pulls you through the progressions by your heartstrings as the minor piano keys hammer against her evocatively glassy vocal lines and a vignette of romantic malady and euphoria plays out with arresting panoramic colour.

The tentative romanticism which lingers through the lyricism is the ultimate testament to her maturity as a songwriter. Can we agree as a society to stop championing the 18-year-old artists churning out pop tropes about loving someone forever when they’re just experiencing lust and uphold artists in the same superlative pop vein as Dana Powell?

Have I Found You was officially released on July 10th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chloe Southern painted the portrait of a morally grey romantic in her immersive folk single, Oil & Water

The 22-year-old neo-folk singer-songwriter and producer, Chloe Southern, goes beyond making honesty her brand through the motto, “the more alone I feel in an experience, the more I know I need to write about it”.

The Boulder, CO-born, Brooklyn-residing artist is fresh from the release of her debut EP, Last Man on Earth, which contains five singles, all orchestrated to give a confidant to anyone drifting along the same wavelength. One of the standout singles, Oil & Water, is a quiescent aching lullaby. Atop gentle acoustic guitar strings that weave rich Elliott Smith-Esque melodies, Southern finds her resounding voice as she heightens the emotions to the nth degree through the climactically gentle vocal progressions.

All too often, singer-songwriters paint themselves as flawless protagonists in their own stories. Southern switched the narrative by creating a morally grey character of herself in the single that traverses how she stole someone from the arms of another. But she pulls the romanticism back around by alluding to her ability to love him like no other. We’re officially rooting for her in the romantic saga.

Oil & Water is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London indie-rock renegades JW Paris shared their lascivious appetite for destruction with ‘She’

The shimmer of wavering Pavement-esque guitars meets the indie anthemics of Blur in the standout single, She, from the London indie trio JW Paris’ debut EP, Stuck in a Video, which implanted off-kilter killer hooks into the airwaves on October 28th.

Reminiscences aside, the band that has sent distinction ricocheting through the underground since their 2017 debut always bring a potent shot of their own renegade indie-rock flavour to their tracks. The critically acclaimed act has a habit of drawing you right into the swaggering melodicism through the lyrics that will smother anyone who has ever felt the odds stack against them with resonance.

Never ones to toy with cliches, JW Paris found a gritty way to pay ode life’s protagonists who sell sanctuary to us amid our appetite for destruction with She. With “she tried to run me over, she blows my mind” written into the lyricism, JW Paris cut to the marrow of the human proclivity to gravitate to modern-day sirens. If you haven’t been there, in the words of Bukowski, what truly horrible lives you must lead.

Stream JW Paris’ debut EP, Stuck in a Video, in full on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Marshall Stain Teased What’s To Come in His Debut EP and Spoke on Creativity

Ahead of the release of his debut EP, VILLAIN YOU LOVE, A&R Factory caught up with the dynamically contemporary world music artist, Marshall Stain, to discuss inspiration, creativity and the cutting-edge releases making their way to the airwaves.

Marshall Stain, welcome to A&R Factory! We loved your latest single, ZOMBIE; would you say you found your signature sound with this release?

“I wouldn’t necessarily say Zombie is my signature sound, to be honest, but it’s definitely inspired by the sounds I’ve been taking in, particularly Amapiano, and you kind of hear that with the use of the “log drum” on the hook.”

What is your songwriting process?

“It varies, some records start as a random melody that’s in my voice memos, and some are written according to where the instrumental takes me. I’m in between pen and no pen; it depends.”

Is there anyone else involved with the production of your music?

“Of course, mainly my engineer/producer who helps me steer the music typically in the postproduction phase to a whole new sonic direction. That is why I call every song I record an idea.”

And how would you describe your lyrical style? We’ve noticed you go dark with your song titles.

“Honest. The music will always reflect the place I was in when writing the song. So, when it’s all rainbows and sunshine, the titles will be parallel.”

Which artists had the greatest influence on you as an artist?

“A bunch, to be honest, because I used to rap, but it’s mainly been Burna boy, J Hus and Frank Ocean.”

Aside from other artists, what inspires you to write music?

“Artists always inspire me. I’m an athlete at heart; everything and anything can be competitive. I’ve written some of my best records after hearing a song and wishing I wrote it. I apply my own experiences as subject matter, but it all stems from the artists.”

What should we expect from your upcoming releases that are in the pipeline?

“Zombie is the lead single off my EP, which by the time this is published will be out. My debut EP, VILLAIN YOU LOVE, is out on the 4th of November, and I’m pretty gassed to share it with the world. The next EP is ready too. So, let’s see how soon it needs sharing.”

Interview by Amelia Vandergast

I Need Your Loving: John Roman can’t seem to hide from the darkness on Bad Omen

With his debut EP on the way in 2023, John Roman teases us with a haunting underground single all about trying to be strong when you can’t seem to hold back your evil ways on Bad Omen.

John Roman is a 25-year-old Belgian indie pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and graphic designer who performs with such supreme poise.

Started writing music a few years ago but trying to do things properly now.” ~ John Roman

Saucing our imaginations up like a professional chef, John Roman is in no mood to sleep tonight and seems to slice with careful precision on this cutting edge new soundtrack to the underworld.

Bad Omen by the talented Belgian indie pop singer-songwriter John Roman is a simply exhilarating song from a genuinely impressive artist who is on a mission to break away from a cold streak. Urging his better soul to bring him back from the dark ways that could destroy everything, this is a statement single that shall claw at your ceiling tonight.

With sensational vocals and a brooding soundscape that will take you where there is never sunshine, you will find yourself feeling extra anxious after listening to this fine effort.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drift away with Milk Bar Gang’s ethereal art-pop lullaby, Ozzie Ostriches Dream

OPEN by Milk Bar Gang

Taken from their debut EP, Open, the Milk Bar Gang’s standout single, Ozzie Ostriches Dream, is an ethereal lullaby; constructed to subdue you into an art-pop trance.

Any fans of Nico, PJ Harvey and Suicide will find just as much to favour in Ozzie Ostriches Dream, which wears influence from the 80s new wave, shoegaze, and cosmic pop as motifs affixed to the sheer originality that has been soporifically poured into this feat of transcendent avant-garde alchemy.

The reverb on the whispered vocals, the ring of the delayed guitars and the glassy aesthetic of the track all contribute to the intricately distinctive appeal that is sure to see the duo go far in 2022 and beyond.

Ozzie Ostriches Dream is now available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Latino fusionist, ROLF has released his most seductive track to date with OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES

To follow on from his 2021 debut single, Soltera, the Latino alt-pop artist, ROLF unleashed his vibe-packed 6-track EP, ILUSIONES. For new fans to his seductively soulful style, OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES is the ultimate introduction.

With the Spanish lyricism, for English monolingual minds, there’s an air of mystery. When the lyrics are translated, ROLF keeps his enigmatic allure which also resonates in his fusion of spacey ambient electronica, Latin pop, and RnB.

To amplify the demure energy, ROLF brought in jazz and rock nuances to ensure that you are well and truly transfixed by the outro. OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES may be a short and sweet track, but considering that it delivers 2-minutes of aural bliss, it leaves nothing to be desired.

OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast