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Beamersoulboy releases ‘Morals’ ft Suicide Rascal: A Filthy but Faithful recollection!

Beamersoulboy are well on the way to putting themselves on the map with their new release ‘Morals’ ft Suicide Rascal. With the energy of a ten tonne wrecking ball, this track smashes its way through the more coy versions of insult rap and places itself right at the front of the crowd to be noticed. Shamar Williams of Dayton, US, is the mastermind behind Hip-Hop collective, Beamersoulboy.

His artistry is well rounded and confident, and bolstered by indulgent production and mastering.  The lyrics on ‘Morals’ are flagrantly audacious and all the better for it. Beamerboysoul comes across as barefaced and charming all at the same time, just like the boy you shouldn’t take home to meet your mother.  The track has just the right chemical mixture of charisma, bewitchery, innovation and insolence to make even the most buttoned-up chaste blush!

Beamersoulboy are positioning themselves as the epicenter of Hip-Hop with their latest release, ‘Morals’. This is going to be year of discovering new music and I have no doubt that Beamersoulboy will be on the tip of everyones tongue before long.

Listen to ‘Morals’ ft Suicide Rascal by Beamersoulboy on Soundcloud. Let us know what you think.

Review by Susan Harriott