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That Peaceful Place: Martin Packwood is rather special with Jazz-inspired debut single ‘Daydreamer’

With his highly anticipated full album set for release in 2022, Martin Packwood soothes all our worries away with one of the most peaceful instrumental-only songs you will hear all year with ‘Daydreamer‘.

Martin Packwood is a solo recording Jazz guitarist and a retired software engineer, who was most active while playing extensively back in the 70’s and 80’s in Birmingham, UK.

You feel like he is playing above the clouds as he is floating around with a massive grin on his face, jamming his trusty guitar because he loves it. There is so much to respect about an artist who has made a comeback after working on his business, who plays with a sterling blend of excellence which is such a blessing to witness.

Daydreamer‘ from the skilled software engineer and Jazz guitarist Martin Packwood, is a lovely piece of music from a highly experienced musician. After reconnecting the much-missed love for his true passion again recently, you feel this raw emotion inside his experienced fingers which absolutely transforms this wonderful single. There is much to hold onto here, as this ravishing riff is just so perfectly constructed with much love attached.

Sometimes you just need to lather in peaceful ambiance, to break away from all of the distracting noise of this pollution-filled world.

Hear this delightful debut on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eyes Lock For The First Time: Flow-Key, Sappho and Daydreamer bring that South African energy to life on ‘Talowame’

Produced by Daydreamer and powered by indie label Third World Order, Flow-Key is in top form with a quality new single about being free called ‘Talowame‘ (feat. Sappho).

Flow-Key and Sappho are two promising South Africa-based indie singers/rappers. They are joined by experienced producer Daydreamer, on a tremendously enjoyable track that feels rather special due to its authentic vibe and joyful atmosphere.

Talowame is a neologism. The crew made it up to encapsulate the concept of “experiencing ultimate freedom” or simply put “to be free.” ~ Daydreamer

This is the story about meeting someone who you lock eyes with quickly. You smile at each other and you just know that the energy is just right, as you are clearly meant for each other.

Made with a beach freshness and featuring some catchy Amapiano (a style of house music that emerged in South Africa in 2012) with Kris Swartbooi (a.k.a “Krissidance”) and Alex Karantges (a.k.a “Piros”), at the helm, this is a head-bobbing track you just can’t help but love.

Produced, recorded and released independently by young creatives from the friendly city of Gqeberha/Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The song was released with a music video also made by the artists of the song with the assistance from fellow young aspiring creatives of the bay.” ~ Daydreamer

Talowame‘ from Flow-Key (feat. Sappho), is a smooth energy release which is a bright experience to savor from one of the more genuine areas in the world you will ever visit. Made with a pure innocent vibe, local dancing at its best, and a breathtaking beat which will take you to happy places, this is one of the most freedom-inducing tracks you will hear all year.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen