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Me and You: Loving couple Jarred AllStar and Davina show us into the romance with ‘God Did It’

With their much-awaited new album ”#CATCHTHESEHAYNES” coming on Valentine’s Day 2022, Jarred AllStar and Davina show us how they have remained strong despite all the ups and downs of life with ‘God Did It‘.

Christian RnB/hip-hop husband and wife duo and music producers Jarred AllStar and Davina have joined forces here on a delightful track that shows you how close they are and guide us in the path to letting your faith build up your love for your partner.

As the catchy sounds of the single “I Do” provide an endearing melody to a timeless wedding song, The Newlyweds takes us on an introspective ride of the joys of engagement and Love laced with the essence of Hip Hop.” ~ Jarred AllStar and Davina

As they remind us to be thankful that you could find someone who loves you for who you are, Jarred AllStar and Davina are quite electrifying on this uplifting single that might wash all your previous worries away like they weren’t there, to begin with.

God Did It‘ from the husband and wife team Jarred AllStar and Davina, is a quite splendid single that shows us into all the moments that make a romance worth it in the end. It was a long path to get to this moment and you both feel grateful, that you found each other when there are so many different roads you could have gone down.

Sometimes when the timing is right, everything just flows so naturally like it was meant to be.

Listen to this loving single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen