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Chicago-based Mission Stark stays calm and finds that anti-venom within on ‘Snake Bite’

While he certainly regrets the move that made him frigid for a while as he felt the claws of that former lover who he cared for slice into his priceless energy to selfishly snatch his superpowers, Mission Stark knows that he will need time to regain his full strength again with his new single, ‘Snake Bite‘.

Mission Stark aka David Stark is an underground Chicago, USA-based indie Hip hop artist who has recently released his 4-track EP, ‘Road of Dark Secrets‘.

He began freestyle rapping at the age of 14 in high school and he started listening and dancing to dubstep which got him into making his own beats.” ~ Mission Stark

As he rises from the depths of despair after feeling the wicked treachery of that despised ex who had undesirable intentions, Mission Stark washes off the strain that struck him down like a malevolent lightning storm and flies high again with a hungry flow that shows his toughness in this challenging world.

Snake Bite‘ from Chicago-based indie Hip hop artist Mission Stark, is a blood-filled track about feeling sapped of your vital warmth by someone who truly swindled you into loving them. After soon realizing that they were definitely up to no good and only interested in taking away your special soul that has suddenly gone cold – this is a heartfelt warning – that should stun many into action before it’s too late.

Rapped with a truthful output that lets you know that he has lived this unnerving experience, this is an insightful release that has you watching your moves and only opening up your heart to those who can look you right in the eye without flinching.

Hear this venom-filled new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen