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Didn’t Care: David Johnson Kim tells us how the game chose him on Journey Begins

Taken off the brand new 18-track album called The Butterfly Island, David Johnson Kim tries to defeat the demons and rise from the underground no matter the challenges that await his every move on Journey Begins.

David Johnson Kim is a Los Angeles, California-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer who helps us all find a real place to be in this seemingly complicated world.

I draw from my own personal journey and influences of my upbringing/culture with my faith being the center of the heart behind this album. It explores styles of music that I grew up with while connecting it to topics of nature, adventure, nostalgia, and a deeper longing for an eternal purpose in life.” ~ David Johnson Kim

Reminding us of a classic Beastie Boys sound, David Johnson Kim ushes in a new era of an old-school sound which will surely never die. This is tremendous stuff and shall rocket delightfully enhanced energy to make everything better again.

Journey Begins from the Los Angeles, California-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer David Johnson Kim is an ear-healing kind of memorable experience to dust off the hard knocks forever. Pouncing like a ravenous cat who is eager for a snack, we find a purring song to turn on no matter the mood of the world.

Surging through with so much venomous energy, this is a delicious single for all those who love proper lyrics and a flow to munch on happily.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen