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Alex Coz looked ‘Between the Lines’ in his romantically rugged Americana pop-rock debut

Keeping the timeless romanticism of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and David Gray alive, the Nova Scotia-hailing singer-songwriter Alex Coz’s debut single, Between the Lines, will stir souls as cogently as a tornado ripping through a neighbourhood.

With whiskey-soaked poetry that will win over any Bukowski fans against the orchestrally-cut piano pop-rock ballad, Coz knew exactly where to implement nostalgia between the striking minor piano keys and orchestral crescendos to subjugate his audience into affectionate submission.

As far as debut releases go, you would be hard-pressed to find one as evocatively rich as this sonic feat of beat poetry. We’re officially stoked to hear what the singer-songwriter delivers next. If we still gave artists the opportunity to reach the same heights as Springsteen, Coz would have sealed his fate in the hall of fame with his debut 3-track single.

Between the Lines was officially released on February 7th. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gavin Murphy releases single Into Temptation

Artist Gavin Murphy has released ‘Into Temptation’, an Indie Rock piece filled with funk instrumentation and soothing vocals.

From the funky riff on the guitar, to the slow beat on the drum, creating this super laid back rhythm and keeping each element at the same slow pace.

Gavin’s adenoidal vocals are what makes this piece one to listen too, he has such a mellow tone that is both low and gentle as he keeps everything to the same volume, which is a lot lower then it would normally be in an Indie Pop piece, as well as having the high-pitch vocals that sway in and out.

Be sure to check this one out, the perfect Indie Pop for all those that are a fan of this specific genre.

Head on over to Spotify to listen to Gavin Murphy’s single Into Temptation.

Review by Karley Myall