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Come Back To You: Manchester indie-folk artist David Gorman sees the days go by on ‘La Mort’

As he calmly narrates us a factual tale about overworking and living in a constant blur that has you wondering where reality actually is, David Gorman is blessed to have the support of his loyal partner who stands by him no matter what on ‘La Mort‘.

David Gorman is a Manchester, UK-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who makes the kind of vintage-sounding music that leaves you feeling warm and safe inside your locked-up soul.

Inspired by the likes of Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and Gregory Alan Isakov, David has become a songwriter known for his catchy melodies and delicate guitar playing but it is his passion for lyrics that stands out when you listen to the stories told through his songs.” ~ David Gorman

With a voice so undiluted and unforgettable that you just want to listen to him all day, Manchester’s David Gorman¬†is the definition of an underground diamond in the rough. His intricate melodies scintillate your mind awake from a self-enforced slumber – as his vivid storytelling has you in a thoughtful wonder – which somehow has the power to give you detailed flashbacks from your own life.

The song is about trying so hard to make a living that you forget to live along the way. I asked Jack to create this piece last year when me and Alysha moved into our house. As the song took shape, this piece just felt more and more like a good fit for it.” ~ David Gorman

La Mort‘ from the Manchester, UK-based indie-folk singer-songwriter David Gorman, is such a genuine song that has you feeling all contemplative about your own voyage in life. With most people always too busy and forgetting to enjoy themselves, this is that sincere reminder to take a step back and really be grateful for what you have in this world. If you are always unhappy with what you don’t have or always working on something that isn’t actually important, you will never be truly content anyway.

Listen to this peaceful single on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen