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Dave Sheinin

Offload ennui with Dave Sheinin’s sticky-sweet Americana Psych-Pop single “Existential Dread”

Baltimore-based singer-songwriter Dave Sheinin released their cathartically connectable Psych Pop-infused Indie single Existential Dread on October 9th. Hit play and experience the weight dropping from your soul as you embrace 60s Psych nostalgia, viscerally evocative elements of 90s Power Pop and timeless Americana.

The blissfully sweet tones felt like rays of sunlight breaking through the bleak ennui which I’m sure that we’ve all been feeling lately. Dave Sheinin playfully finds ways of conveying they’ve been dwelling in a pit of their own despair while never letting their own disdain resonate in the soundscape. So, if your playlists are crying out for feel-good hits which are still grounded in realism, you won’t go far wrong with Existential Dread.

You can check out Dave Sheinin’s single Existential Dread for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast