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Yilgoren Music has recently released “Back To Grey”

Yilgoren Music is the brainchild of Turkish musician Arda Yilgoren, based in Toronto, Canada. He is an artist and songwriter with a direct and one-of-a-kind focus on making music that blurs the lines between different genres. These include alternative rock, indie-pop and so much more. The artist’s work is a balanced crossroads where all of the above meet, and then some! His most recent release, “Back To Grey”, is a perfect example.

In addition, the production quality lends the song an aura of credibility and professionalism. The aesthetics of the recording are a perfect match with the mood of this release. “Back To Grey” feels very genuine and it stands out as an authentic portrait of Yilgoren Music’s artistic vision and personality overall. This is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Daughtry, The Fray, and The Rasmus, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Yilgoren Music, and listen to “Back To Grey”. This release is currently available on digital streaming services.