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That’s A Fact: Datsnell drops scintillating soundtrack to that wild night on Molly (Scary Gary Remix)

Dropping the bass real low and swamping our minds with an underground feeling that might startle many, Datsnell wants to stay up all night with his new lover on Molly (Scary Gary Remix).

Datsnell is a USA-based indie hip hop artist who makes a pulsating anthem each time that has been created from the underground.

Snarling with a bite that shall shock you into a whole new world of possibilities, Datsnell shatters the lights and shall get you thinking about partying hard this weekend. With a bounce-filled beat that shall urge you to turn the volume up, the vocals on offer might get your body intrigued beyond belief.

Molly (Scary Gary Remix) from USA-based indie hip hop artist Datsnell is a true party track for when you are with that new lover and just want to have fun after a long week at work. He rattles the speakers like a toy and shakes off all the dust that might have settled, to bring us a fiery single that will make many smile cheekily.

Laced with a club-like aura, this is a single for anyone who just feels like letting their hair down and forgetting all worries.

Dream big or don’t dream at all.” – Datsnell

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen