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From college mates to making music during lockdown: Gardner Leonard drop new single that speaks out about sexual assault on ‘Mine’

West Midlands based alt-rock duo Gardner Leonard tell it how it is on the emo rock ripper ‘Mine‘.

Daryl Gardner & Rhiannon Leonard combine to form a team that makes incredible music and has been inspired due to this horrible pandemic. After knowing each other from college days, Daryl approached Rhiannon and from there, the chemistry fused to a level that Walter White would be proud of. Taken off the upcoming ‘Milquetoast‘ album that is out on the 15th January, this is an emo roller coaster ride that shakes your skin off your bones.

They synergy is electric here like a Duracell battery as the power starts up and clicks your brain into action. The disappointment is so clear on the ears as she was once with him but it ended and he wanted her one more time even though she said no. This must of been a shocking feeling and is completely wrong and not what anyone in the world deserves. The feeling of being used like a piece of trash must be hard to bear and this is a guy who will have karma strike him down hard, the sooner the better.

Her voice is so honest and brave as the story unfolds and you feel her pain. The edgy guitar energy streams in as your heart drops a lot, wishing that no one ever has to deal with this ever again.

Mine‘ from West Midlands band Gardner Leonard is a true story that is brilliantly described and performed from a duo that mesh so perfectly together, their friendship and respect for each other is clear to see. Speaking up about about wrong things that shouldn’t ever happen might make you unpopular with some, but as long as you keep it real in life, real friends will always have your back.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen