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Jonny Darko has released his highly-anticipated debut album, Symbolica

After releasing his debut album aged 15, Jonny Darko entered the industry as a child prodigy. After a 4-year wait, his sophomore album, Symbolica, proves just how much he’s honed in on his sound that paradoxically resonates as soulfully sweet and mesmerisingly dark.

If you’re not previously acquainted with Darko’s lush synth melodies that add ambience to the energy the percussion brings, the title single is the perfect introduction to Darko’s merging of lo-fi trap with bedroom pop and alt-hip hop.

The Minneapolis-based artist and producer has a unique way of alluding to darkness within his music; nothing feels forced or prosaic. Instead, what you’ll find when you hit play is a truly genuine expression of multifaceted emotion told through meta poetic lyricism. His sound is constantly stunning. If he’s not already on your radar, make some room.

Check out the highly-anticipated sophomore album on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast