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Steps From the Cliff modernised Magazine with their darkwave cover of The Light Pours Out of Me

In one of their most daring releases to date, Steps From the Cliff modernised Magazine’s 1978 single, The Light Pours Out of Me, bringing the seminal release in line with the trends in the darkwave synthpop domain while amplifying the broodingly dark energy of the post-punk staple.

It was a bold move to rework the original, given all of the scintillation that pours from the atmospherically ensnaring production, but the Santa Cruz-hailing outfit, fronted by Tim Knapp, succeeded in putting their own mark on the single. The sombre reflections within the harbingering downtempo lament become all the more affecting through the contrast of the shimmer of the crystalline melodies carved by the glassy synths and the whispered snarls which carry the lyricism with maximum conviction.

The Light Pours Out of Me features on Steps From the Cliff’s most recent EP, Knowhere Fast, which reached the airwaves on January 26.

Stream The Light Pours Out of Me on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Avicii meets Depeche Mode in Policy’s latest genre-mash, I’d Wait for You ft Sergi Yaro


The award-winning genre-melding producer, Policy, is back on the airwaves following the successful launch of his debut LP, Echo Chambers, in 2020 and the sophomore album, The Abby Rose, in 2022. This time, the Ohio-based beat master collaborated with the Ukrainian singer-songwriter Sergi Yaro to awaken sentimental senses with I’d Wait for You.

The falsetto vocal lines against the dark, droning and dancey synths and harbingering percussive beats, which slam to sonically attest to how dark the waters of a loveless reality can be, is an alchemic combination, which won’t fail to drag you into the murky core of this experimental hit which could win over mainstream electronica fans and alt-electro heads alike. Instrumentally, if you found the middle ground between Depeche Mode and Avicii, you’d find I’d Wait for You resoundfully residing there.

I’d Wait for You is due for official release on May 23; hear it on the artist’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast