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Porter – Behind the Banlieu: A Disparaging Sign of Our Digital Disconnected Epoch

Germany’s most tuned-into-the-harrow-of-our-digitised-material-reality progressive alt-rock outfit, Porter, leaned into the disconnect and isolation our instant connectivity has brought us in their aptly dark single, Behind the Banlieu. While no one is living under the illusion that we’re living in the healthiest epoch, Porter’s single is efficacious in its attestation to the damage that is being inflicted on us with each passing day.

This track is a testament to Porter’s ability to fuse various musical influences, from the raw energy of metal and punk to the nuanced storytelling of indie and singer-songwriter styles. The result is a sound that’s uniquely theirs, mature yet vibrant, complex yet accessible.

Raimund, the band’s new frontman, brings an electrifying presence to the track. His vocals resonate, echoing the power of the pounding drums and the deep growls of the basslines. This combination creates a sound that’s as dark as it is energising, a perfect canvas for the song’s powerful message.

With raw rock riffs which tear through the alchemised atmosphere, there’s plenty of room for contemplation, when you’re not locked into the tumultuous volition of the single that carries all of the elements of an electrifying rock anthem. Consider the single as the first stone cast in a sonic revolution and a fierce declaration from a band that knows its power.

In a world where oppressive ideas are gaining ground, Porter uses their music as a tool for resistance and inspiration. The chorus is not just memorable; it’s a call to arms for those who crave a shift towards democracy and freedom.

Behind the Banlieu is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Enter Luxifer’s dark and distorted evocation with ‘Always Remembered’

Luxifer used their latest EP, Hook, Line, and Sinker, to reel fans of dark and twisted experimentalism in with exactly what it says on the tin. Known for their explosive on-stage rock n roll antics, the internationally diversified four-piece injected plenty of that captivating visceralism into the sludgy, doomy melodicism which pulsates through the standout single on the EP, Always Remembered.

With instrumentals that pull you into the undercurrent of their alchemy with every progression in the same vein as Deftones fused with a magnetically devil-may-care demeanour which matches the arresting intensity of Rammstein, Luxifer effortlessly succeeded in asserting their originality while ensuring that their distinction levels with the commercial appeal. It’s not rock n roll as you know it; it’s a transgression that stands as a testament to the ingenuity of the dynamic outfit, which has exactly what it takes to reach higher ground in the rock and metal charts if they keep delivering tracks as atmospherically cultivated as Always Remembered.

Always Remembered is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Forgotten Tides have debuted their disarmingly compassionate post-punk-wrapped rock hit, Dark Thoughts

For their sophomore single, Dark Thoughts, the up-and-coming melodic rock trailblazers who came together to forge Forgotten Tides sharpened their instrumental and vocal hooks to ensure no one who becomes witness to the resonant reflections in the lyricism would come away unscathed from their ingenuity.

With atmospheric layers of post-punk draped over the stellar production, there’s a chill in the angular guitar lines, but there’s enough tonal dynamism and soul within the track to keep you warm as you’re enveloped by the compassion extended through the promise that as dark as days get, there will always be someone there to share their light.

From the first hit of Dark Thoughts came the affirmation that my mind will be continually turned back to the cogency and consolation from the alchemically innovative release which ended 2023 on a high note for the Aberdeen-hailing four-piece.

Forgotten Tides said:

“This rocky yet heartfelt song is a poignant reminder for anyone battling the shadows of depression. It gently whispers the comforting truth that, even in the darkest moments, there’s an unwavering circle of friends and family ready to embrace and uplift you. Dive into its soothing melodies and let the warmth of its message envelop your soul.”

Dark Thoughts was officially released on October 24; stream it on Spotify & YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nullor has arrived with his compelling prog rock Tour De Force,  Here

The Fort Worth, Texas-hailing solo artist, Dan Crawford, operating under the moniker Nullor has made his long-awaited debut; it came in the form of his dynamic LP, Finalform. The dusky, doomy and artfully captivating lead single, Here, envelops you in an atmosphere you will never want to come up for air from.

The progressive 6-minute Tour De Force won’t fail to evoke contemplation; the grungy vocal lines which run in the veins of Alice in Chains allow the melodic ambience in the orchestrally cut instrumental arrangement to resonate as a sonically sweet sedative before the monolithic build and burst into intricately electric groove metal.

In the following single, Overdrive, Nullor gives you a taste of classic thrash metal, proving that there are few alternative genres outside of his repertoire. Rather than being a jack of all genres, the versatility of his talent is just as impressive as the degree of it.

Here was officially released with the Finalform LP on September 29; stream it on Spotify and follow the artist on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pretty Creatures unleashed alt-rock’s most ominous arrival with their atmospheric single, It’s Coming

With a Slipknot Unsainted-Esque intro, Kyuss-reminiscent hard rock sludge and a similar rhythmic sense of seduction to Velvet Revolver, Pretty Creatures’ seminal track, It’s Coming, is a harbinger of overdriven atmospheric alt-rock that every self-respecting rock fan should heed.

Primed to dominate the Glasgow alternative scene, Pretty Creatures (formerly known as Dead Coyotes) have blackened their sound, allowing their new transition to coalesce with the dystopia of our modern era. Thankfully, none of their former melodicism was lost to the juggernautical furore in It’s Coming. You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

It’s Coming is out now on Spotify. Check out Pretty Creatures on their official website & Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

PRESSURE inspect the sands of time in their rock ballad, AM I TOO OLD.


The Stockholm-based powerhouse PRESSURE is set to drop their hard-hitting rock ballad, AM I TOO OLD, which tears through the self-doubt that starts to manifest in our mortal coil when youth has been lost. In true rock opera style, PRESSURE touches on raw issues veraciously while letting the atmosphere consume you in the intensity of the emotion.

I’ve lost count of the people that have come to me with ageism-inspired anxiety in the industry; the truth of the matter is that experience will be a better friend than youth ever was. I mean, you’ve heard of the Rolling Stones, right?

AM I TOO OLD is a stellar track, in every conceivable way. The theatrics of the track will take you right back to the time when we spent far too long thinking about what Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love.

AM I TOO OLD is due for official release on October 15th, 2021. You can hear it for yourself on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cagri Raydemir takes us on with ‘Choosing Your Own Battles’

Opening up with a descending acoustic guitar line and some suitably doom-laden lead work, ‘Choosing Your Own Battles’ is taken from independent musician and producer Cagri Raydemir’s fourteenth (yes, fourteenth) record, and the second of two EPs, ‘Outlasting The Opposite Pole’; loosely alt-metal, there’s elements of System Of A Down to the guitar work and Raydemir’s vocal delivery, mixed in with dashes of prog and some bluesy flourishes. It’s unsettling, moody, and heavy without resorting to the sort of ‘everything louder than everything else’ distortion that lesser artists might use to imply ‘heaviness’, relying instead on a relatively clean guitar tone, vaguely ‘Eastern’-sounding scales (think Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’ or some of Jerry Cantrell’s drop-D tuning-based work), and the power of the lyrics and subject matter to give it gravity and depth. And more power to it, that restraint and emphasis on phrasing and ‘grunt’ giving it a potency that would be lost with a more overdriven sound. It’s solid, powerful, and over far too quickly; a very tasty opener that gives a perfect introduction to the EP.

You can hear ‘Choosing Your Own Battles’, and the rest of the ‘Outlasting The Opposite Pole’ EP, on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes

The Urban Sombreros put a theatric twist on industrial electronica with their single, ‘BAD’.

The Urban Sombreros have put a baroquely theatrical twist on industrial electronica with their latest single, BAD (Michael Jackson). As Marilyn Manson falls, The Urban Sombreros rise.

The coarse and distorted vocals, beatboxing, bluesy angular guitar riffs and trance-style interludes ensure that you’ve never heard a feat of electronica quite like this before – no matter how obscure your playlists are. It’s manic, but The Urban Sombreros’ playfully charismatic mania is one that you’ll easily get on board with.

The Cambridge, UK-residing artist is easily one of the most experimentally bold, infectiously addictive artists we have heard this year. We can’t wait to hear how they’ll follow on from BAD.

BAD released on June 9th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Crimson Spirit – Poor Little Boy: The Darkest Alt-Rock Earworm You Will Hear This Year

Crimson Spirit

German-based rock revivalists Crimson Spirit are set to release their most absorbing single to date. After a Post Punk-Esque intro, Violet’s vocals creep into the soundscape with a timbre that haunts with the same phantasmal presence as Sophe Lux and Angel Olsen.

Poor Little Boy is an epic alt-rock track that teases empathy while allowing a sardonic undertone to run under the compassion. The instrumentals artfully and progressively mimick slips of patience in the realistically hard-hitting release that tackles tendencies to turn to self-destructive vices.

The founding members, Alexander Stieben and Jana Krieger (aka Violet Rigby), are experienced musicians; before assembling Crimson Spirit, they were part of black metal and psych bands, but Crimson Spirit captures both of their work at its most experimental. Their sound is inspired by the 80s and 90s alternative eras, stylistically, they dabble with elements of classic rock, hard rock, avant-garde rock, grunge and metal to forge their own alchemically immersive signature sound.

Poor Little Boy will be available to stream on all platforms, including SoundCloud, from June 18th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

GLASS EYE – PRAYERS: Salaciously Ethereal Alt-Rock


With vocals that hit the high notes with the same precision as Matt Bellamy, the sex appeal of Deftones and classic rock licks that come with an ethereally evocative twist, it’s hard not to expect big things to come from GLASS EYE with the release of their album ‘SOMEWHERE, NOWHERE’.

PRAYERS is the perfect introduction to their sound that is so much more than an aural crumble of prominent bands that we’ve come to love across the decades. It’s a delectable invitation to witness the US-based powerhouse’s visceral authenticity that will appeal to anyone who likes their alt-rock to come with rhythmic salacious chills.

PRAYERS is just one of the singles that feature on their forthcoming album ‘SOMEWHERE, NOWHERE’, which is due for release on June 10th.

You can check out GLASS EYE via their website and on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast