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Find Your Spirit: Brazilian rock act Deepmoon urges us to free ourselves on ‘Save Yourself’

Taken off their latest four-track EP named ‘Dark Glass (One)‘, Deepmoon delve deeply into the real feeling of knowing what needs to happen next on ‘Save Yourself‘.

Deepmoon is a powerfully struck Brazilian four-piece rock band who are highly influenced by British bands from the 80’s. They love to create that heavy sound that strikes hot into your music palate like a warm cup of coffee, as it has you feeling uplifted for the day.

Their mood is so relentless, as they stalk the night and have us on our toes. This is a band that have seen it all before and have been through the highs and lows — their music is thrilling and with so much skillful decisiveness — as they know who they are.

You feel the strong lyrics, exhilarating sound and breathtaking vocals wash all over you like a boiling shower that refreshes your mind, as you see more clearly now and know exactly what to do next.

Save Yourself‘ from the experienced Brazilian four-piece band Deepmoon, is a story that tells us to break away from the normal world and to be at one with yourself, as that is the only way to be truly free. The mind needs to breathe in order to be at your creative peak — which is exactly what you need — to be whoever you want to be.

Stream this terrific new single on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen