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I’m Invisible: LA dark-electronic/rock act Light Shadows emerge from the spooky night on ‘People Don’t Believe’ (Light Shadows shadow mix)

People Don’t Believe (Light Shadows shadow mix) by Light Shadows

Lathering up our fragile thoughts with their specially brewed goth sauce that sizzles your hungry tongue with a tinge of extra heat that might burn a tad, Light Shadows saunter in from the darkness to awaken our sleepy souls on ‘People Don’t Believe’ (Light Shadows shadow mix).

Light Shadows is a thrilling Los Angeles, California-based dark-electronic/rock duo who are Cassandra Vincent and Philip Peters. They make a blend of intriguing soundscapes that has you looking around so anxiously, as you feel lifted by their pulsating performance.

The band leans Gothic with some lighter moments reflecting their name.” ~ Light Shadows

Her vibrant vocals flow through from the creepy shadows and has you opening your eyes much wider than before, as you are wrapped into the terrific production, which takes you to a higher place into your over-stimulated mind.

They write their own music and are genre fluid but you could find them under the electro-rock/electro-pop portion of the Alternative rock banner.” ~ Light Shadows

People Don’t Believe’ (Light Shadows shadow mix) from the mysterious Los Angeles, California-based dark-electronic/rock duo Light Shadows, is a mirror-filled single that has you urging to believe in yourself again. Despite what others may say, you are enough and need to believe in what you stand for.

On a spooky beat and sung with so much passion – this is a stunning single which will have you thinking introspectively – on how you can build your own armor stronger than before.

Hear this new moody single on Bandcamp and see more on their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen